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YOUR ADAPT-A-CATION: Inner-Action #6

Open your self-awareness as you focus on topics starting with the letter A. In-joy!


You probably remember learning in high school about Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection. He determined that “…it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it’s the one most adaptable to change.”

Since change is one of those inevitable life things, in order to survive, thrive and hopefully even evolve, humans must adapt to any condition or situation we find ourselves in.

Rather than whining or getting stuck in the muck of victimhood.

Since the planet is transitioning at warp-speed lately, adapting is a super-vital skill to master, yes?


Adapting means being flexible; allowing rather than resisting; being appropriate to circumstances. Spiritually, adapting is trusting the process as it unfolds.

Excuse the sixties reference, but adapting means going with the flow.

As another cliché aptly says: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, hoping for different results. In other words, not adapting.


Adapting means being willing to change your perspective, especially the view you have of yourself. But, if past negative programming is running you, you’ll be trying to adapt to a belief system based on false notions. (I can help with that)

You're not adaptable if you're stuck in fear about how life needs to be. Notice that you probably have dozens of loudly demanding requirements like that every instant of your day.

When priorities change, the need to adapt becomes apparent. Like realizing you don’t have the stamina to stay out late on a work night, you can choose to have fun in other (earlier) ways.

Fear-based emotions make it difficult to adapt. Let emotions be felt as they cycle through, recognizing they’re just triggers of past unresolved events. They will cease if you don't push them down.


Truth is, you're adapting all the time whether you consciously know it or not.

Especially now.

Lately, you’ve adapted to not getting a haircut or are adapting to the botched one you (or a loved one) did.

Maybe you’ve adapted to dealing with endless Zoom calls, home schooling your children, wearing a mask, watching Netflix, baking your own bread.

Maybe it was challenging at first, but once your resistance and resentment went away, it got uber easier.


As the world keeps on cha-cha-changing, adapting is your new yoga position.

Regularly exercising your adaptability muscle will empower you in other areas of your life. It gives your primitive, fear-based consciousness evidence that you can handle things. That calms it down significantly.

Though some of the adaptations you’re doing might seem small compared to what others are having to do, to your fear-based consciousness they’re all the same.


Self-observation is a great first step.

Notice those automatic, fear-based thoughts whenever you’re faced with needing to adapt. And catch those loud demands about needing life to be a certain way. No need to deny them, simply see them for what they are: Just fears.

Those thoughts are only powerful if you buy into them as true. Observing them pops their disempowering bubble.

Keep in mind that this current adapting run is not forever – yes, eventually you’ll be able to get a professional haircut. Once again you’ll be bitching about sitting in traffic on the way to work, complaining that store-bought bread isn't half as good as homemade.

You probably won't miss wearing a mask, however.

So, for now, have yourself a mahvelous adapt-acation. You will be fine even with a terrible haircut, and think about how much money you’re saving on gas!


Reach out to Royce at for a free fifteen-minute consultation to see if this spiritually-based transformational work is a good fit. Check out the first lesson on her e-course at no cost. Find out more about the "Empower Your Life" virtual course here. She also offers private inner-journey work using the life-changing, spiritual clearing technique she developed. Website

Royce Morales is a renowned spiritual teacher who has been teaching breakthrough, core transformation work for decades. Her trailblazing, life-shifting work presents profound spiritual concepts, providing tools to make them applicable in down-to-earth ways.

These powerful teachings get to the root of subconscious, fear-based programming so that fears, stuck issues and repetitive patterns can resolve. If you’re tired of the struggle, want to connect with who you really are, feel ready to live a meaningful, empowered life, email Royce to set up a free consultation. Deserve!

Royce is the author of three books about her teachings: “Want: True love, past lives and other complications;” “Know: A spiritual wake-up call;” and “Back: Rebirth After Stroke.” Her books inspire evolution, awareness and empowerment. The underlying message is a wake-up call toward authentic "heart-wired" acceptance of self, others and life, all available on Amazon.

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