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Inner Exploration Sessions Details

The underlying motivations that drive your actions are typically fear based.  These fears come from various inner programs that are denied or suppressed, often due to shame and guilt.


You fall prey to the automatic false advice you receive from these fears. Untrue, self-limiting notions whisper in your ear, pretending to help you by giving you so-called sensible guidance. But this information is a wolf in sheep's clothing, hindering you by having you forget or ignore the truth of how powerful you really are. 


These programs affect all aspects of your existence, prevent you from creating the life you desire, block envisioning what you want, or thwart taking action. They have you become who you are not and are the reason you are prone to sadness, anger, disconnection and hopelessness.


There’s so much more to you hiding under the surface. By bringing these parts into the light and neutralizing their effects allows you access and reclaim your power. With that comes joy, authenticity and purposefulness.


The secret to discovering those false programming lies in Royce's unique Spiritual Cognition Integration work. This life-changing inner tool leads you to see what's going on in the deep realms of your consciousness. This spiritually based transformational process was developed working with clients for over four decades, discovering how to get to the source of subconscious fear and self-sabotage.


It sparks breakthroughs that change your life and awaken you to the Higher Consciousness, wise, intuitive person you really are.

FAQs about Spiritual Cognition Integration work

  • What does this inner work do?  This core inner work can achieve wide-ranging, life-changing, positive results. It can dramatically shift your perception of yourself and life situations, resolve fears and programmed, false negative beliefs.  It can alleviate self-sabotage so your subconscious aligns with positive, constructive goals and ideas.​ Each time you delve deeper, you bring more of the authentic you forward by letting go of who you aren’t. This unlocks your power, provides inner freedom, awakens profound trust and expands deservingness. However, it's important to be open with no preconceived expectations as to how results need to look.

  • What’s Royce’s role?  Using her intuitive inner guidance, Royce helps you access deep places of denial, gently assisting you in trusting whatever you get in touch with. She never advises as to what you should or shouldn’t do other than encouraging you to listen to your own wisdom and intuitive direction. She is always available to answer questions or address concerns.

  • Why look at the past?  Doing this work allows you to discover hidden memories from this life and sometimes previous and between lives. The goal is to locate specific moments that are subconsciously impacting your current life so as to resolve these events, release their hold on you, forgive yourself and others, and perceive what happened as an invaluable spiritual lesson assisting your evolutionary journey of awakening.    

  • How long does it take?  The intention of this profound work is to get to the origin of what's subconsciously sabotaging you, with each session taking approximately ninety minutes to two hours. Since everyone has different goals in doing this work, the amount of recommended sessions varies from one person to another. Some find that the information in the PLA course plus a few private sessions resolves what they’re addressing, whereas some need or want more digging. Seeing this as an organic process, an adventure that grows as you grow, is the best way to approach this question.
  • Is it scary? Since this work goes deep, it’s not unusual that fears may come up, attempting to get you to run or sabotage further growth. Recognize what’s going on and choose to not give in. It’s just F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). Know that there is nothing to be concerned about in doing this work. However, the journey of remembering who you really are, why you are here and breaking through subconscious barriers does take courage. Feel free to acknowledge any fears to Royce so she can assist in resolving them.

  • What's the commitment?  Making a resolute commitment to your inner journey opens the door to myriad levels of support, often from unexpected sources. The more you commit to forge ahead, showing up no matter what, the more value you will get. It is recommended that you attend the Self-Sabotage course that explains this work and assists you in delving in. Then, continue to deeper levels of information and/or working privately with Royce. Go as deeply as you’re ready for!

  • See Terms and Conditions here.

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