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Royce Morales, creator of Perfect Life Awakening believes there's a critical need for the integration of spiritual knowledge and human experience. Training others to confidently present her time-tested methods and material is her commitment to expand the evolution of consciousness from fear to love.  

The PLA Mentoring Program is an empowering way to learn how to teach the Perfect Life Awakening core principles and inner development techniques hands-on. Completing this course will allow you to be credentialed as a Certified PLA teacher and enable you to conduct private Spiritual Cognition Integration sessions under Royce Morales' oversight.  

Basic Program Design

The Program utilizes the unique PLA approach designed to facilitate and support a student's deeper inner-awareness and acceptance of who they are. The Program's intention is to have students align with their spiritual identity, express their Truth and live their True Purpose from an empowered, loving place.  

As a participant in the Program, you will gain a deeper, experiential understanding of how life works, mastering the information, tools, and processes required to support the transformation of others.  Most importantly, you will further integrate this knowledge into your own life so that it becomes how you live, day-to-day.  

The course curriculum provides challenging situations to help trust your inner guidance on the spot.  Along with continuous inner work to break through subconscious limitations, you will feel grounded in confidence, knowledge and compassion.      

 Program Approach

The Mentoring Program combines information with real life experiences. Students learn how to support others by engaged listening, effective questioning, truthful communication, compassionate connection, clarifying goals, inviting possibility, discovering purpose, group facilitation, core inner work and much more.

This one-year course is open to those who have completed the PLA courses and these skills can be incorporated into their current career. It is a perfect adjunct for coaches, social workers, counselors, psychotherapists, health-care workers or teachers.  It's also appropriate for those seeking to pursue using PLA methods in conjunction with Royce as a full or part-time career.

Program Intentions

A graduate of the PLA Mentoring Program shall embody and demonstrate a spirit of service and support beneficial to the evolution of human consciousness by:

  • Creating and expanding opportunities to communicate, teach, implement, practice and demonstrate PLA principles as a framework for addressing everyday life.

  • Demonstrating a strong commitment to personal growth and spiritual development to enhance their own lives and the lives of others.

  • Consistent commitment and availability to facilitate, support and encourage others in their spiritual growth and development.

  • Making conscious, loving choices and practicing self-loving behaviors.

  • Mastering the use of inner processing skills and other PLA life tools to assist others.

  • Committing to the ethics of a Higher Consciousness life of integrity and authenticity.

  • Establishing a compassionate atmosphere to discover, support and manifest the client’s vision.

  • Designing and facilitating group and individual sessions.

For further information, contact Royce Morales.


"The PLA Mentoring Program was an unforgettable experience.  It challenged me to trust in my deepest nature, to bring to the surface and push through deeply ingrained core fears, and to step into my power with love and trust.  It has changed how I approach my leadership role at work and how I interact as a parent.  It required many “leaps of faith," which felt like jumping off a cliff with no parachute.  But I always landed in a beautiful, safe place, only to discover more love, power and wisdom. 


"This Program requires a commitment to accelerating your spiritual journey and to continually choose love over fear.  It will present you with experiences that allow you to practice choosing love over fear. For me, it has helped me see what I am still attached to and gave me the courage to let go.


"The Program is not for people who want to experiment with spirituality.  It is for those ready to reclaim their authentic self and take their lives to the next level of love and knowing in an accelerated fashion. You will be presented with situations and choices that reveal the illusions that run your life, and you will develop the courage to let go of your false self.  You will be fully supported while doing this.  Make no mistake – you must be willing to do the work regardless of what fears surface.  That’s the point. " 


- J. DeMartinez, County Child Welfare Supervisor 

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