Royce Morales Biography

Royce Morales arrived overflowing with burning questions about life that no one was able to answer adequately to appease her inquisitive mind.  Thus began her personal quest to discover her own answers.  Philosophical theories weren’t applicable in real life; religious teachings generated more uncertainty, so she attended every personal development and spiritually based course she could find. This would placate her hunger temporarily; however, nothing provided deep enough answers or produced the enduring transformation she craved.  She sensed there must be more.  


A fellow seeker sensed something about her, approached and asked her to “teach me what you know.”  Even with all her acquired knowledge, she doubted that she knew enough to teach anyone, but was shocked when she spontaneously said “Sure, come over and bring your friends!” These unexpected words changed her lifepath completely.  When twelve people arrived in her living room, although her entire body was shaking, profound information began to flow; wise answers she had no idea she had, effortlessly arrived.  Students kept returning, referring their friends, until Royce was teaching full-time.  Soon she opened a spiritual center, calling it Perfect Life Awakening.

Perfect Life Awakening is a series of inner-awakening classes that give spiritually-based tools to shift subconscious, disempowering, fear-based obstacles that were programmed during current and previous lives.  The information, presented with humor and candor, enhances and transforms lives.  Issues and patterns resolve; fears dissolve; spiritual awakening occurs.  Although spiritually minded, the teachings are down-to-earth, practical, and applicable in daily life.  

Royce also provides individual transformational inner adventure sessions to facilitate deeper work.  The process utilizes a spiritual clearing technique she developed called Spiritual Cognition Integration. By discovering and releasing the deep roots of subconscious beliefs, people reclaim deservingness, take trusting, wise, empowered action, become their authentic selves and live a purpose-filled, Higher Consciousness existence. 

Royce has been teaching small groups and individuals in all phases of self-growth for over four decades. Her trailblazing information has been brought to thousands, including psychologists who use her methods with their patients, teachers who use it with students, parents who use it with their children.

Royce is the host of a podcast as well as a radio show entitled “Listen Up with Royce Morales” that airs the fourth Monday of every month at 9:00 a.m. PST on  

Her teachings are available via live video conference classes and private sessions.  She is currently completing a book aimed at young adults, is working in collaboration with a psychologist explaining her teachings with case studies and is the author of three books about her teachings, all available on Amazon.