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Questions and Answers for Interviews

What is Perfect Life Awakening?

Perfect Life Awakening, developed in 1978, is a series of groundbreaking, spiritually based, informational and experiential classes designed to awaken people to who they really are. Students are given tools to discover and neutralize the subconscious origins of negative, disempowering, fear-based obstacles resulting from unresolved traumatic incidents from this and previous lifetimes.  As their perception of themselves shifts, students are empowered to get in touch with their true purpose, reclaim their innate wisdom, and can choose a joyous, empowered, higher consciousness existence.  Issues and patterns resolve; fears dissolve; spiritual awakening occurs.

The information is presented with humor and candor, and the teachings are down-to-earth, practical, and applicable in daily life.  

Private individual transformational inner journey sessions to facilitate deeper work are also available. This powerful process utilizes a spiritual clearing technique I developed called Spiritual Cognition Integration. By discovering and releasing the origins of subconscious false personal beliefs, deservingness expands, trusting, wise, empowered action is taken, and clients can live a meaningful, love-based existence. 

Perfect Life Awakening is presented in a live, virtual, small group setting. Along with information, the course provides guided meditative experiences to assist in discovering origins of false programmed beliefs resulting self-sabotage.

Audience and followers.

People attending this course are quite varied, attracting people from all professions, age groups and educational levels. Many are drawn to this work sensing there is more to life than pain, struggle and self-sabotage. Some have no experience doing spiritual development or inner work and some have dabbled and are seeking deeper answers. Many have been immersed in some form of inner journey and are frustrated with cliched answers or spiritual bypass techniques, wanting to consistently live from an authentic, higher consciousness place.

What are most looking for?

Most students are looking for answers to life’s big questions, to understand the deeper meaning of existence and to discover their higher purpose here.  Many are trying to understand why they react in triggered ways, or why they cannot get beyond repetitious patterns in their life.  Often, classes attract those wanting freedom from old pain, addictions, traumatic incidents, etc.  Common quests are the search for inner peace, joy, deservingness, enhanced intuition, mindfulness, meaningfulness, awareness, empowerment and trust.  Some are just metaphysically curious, wanting to understand concepts such as reincarnation.

What makes this approach different from others?

Rather than just providing interesting or profound information that feels good temporarily, this inner work gets to the subconscious roots of issues so higher consciousness concepts can assimilate and become permanent way of being. Utilizing Spiritual Cognition Integration tools, students go beyond intellectually understanding something and have personal experiences that allow for empirical shifting to occur.  These teachings never encourage people to just think positively or affirm and visualize; rather, students are told how to look inside to understand why they have attracted a situation and discover the source from this or previous lifetimes.  Students are encouraged to trust themselves by accessing their own inner knowingness and wisdom.

What benefits does one derive from these teachings?

By neutralizing the subconscious negative influence of the past, people naturally become more conscious, authentic and fully present. Cleaning up hidden guilt impacting them in numerous ways allows more deservingness to unfold as burdens of the past are released. There are hundreds of success stories, mostly involving becoming empowered to shift stuck areas of their life and take inspired, meaningful, purposeful action. Specifically, many can resolve addictiveness, release fears, feel more deserving to manifest what they want, trust their inner wisdom, awaken to their true purpose, feel connected with others, let go of old resentments, communicate from love, feel joyously alive, etc. Many experience an enduring state of inner peace no matter what is going on externally.

How has the audience changed over the years?

People are much more accepting of some of the concepts that have been presented for decades, especially past lives and understanding energy.  Resistance to those topics has shifted into genuine fascination and intrigue. People are used to various "buzz words" such as triggered and trauma.

What makes one person open to spiritual teachings while others are closed off?

Primarily, fear is always the bottom-line issue getting in the way of growth and change.  Where someone is in their life is an important factor as well.  They may not be ready to do the deep work that goes on in this program.  Some have a negative attitude about spirituality based on stereotypic exposure, thinking it is too “woo-woo,” or requires living secluded on a mountain top.

How long does it take to awaken the higher consciousness or to manifest one’s purpose?

Each person is different; there is no predetermined length of time; it takes as long as it takes. Some people awaken quickly; some take longer. It is all based on how much old programming needs to be unearthed, how much fear gets in the way and how willing someone is to committedly do the inner work. 

Is this work more about understanding and less about action?

The work offers information to help understand the mechanisms of life and why things are the way they are. Students are encouraged to discover their own answers from their wise higher consciousness, given tools to help access their truth and to trust whatever action they need to take. This inner work emphasizes the absolute importance of taking action otherwise the work is meaningless. Often when a student discovers and resolves a root source, determining action feels inspired, energized and effortless.   

Explain 'true intention'?

Whatever is truly intended is what manifests in life. Since everything interconnects energetically, by seeing what shows up in life, we are given blatant hints about what subconscious message is being sent out. What manifests allows a deeper look helping resolve the inner programming that attracted what occurred. Everything that life presents is a teaching to help us go deeper inside so as to shift our intention and receive what we genuinely want. Whatever we attract is a mirror of something that needs to be discovered about ourselves.

Describe the process when a new client calls to sign up for this program?

When someone contacts, they are encouraged to take the six week "Transforming Self Sabotage" course to gain a basic understanding of this work. The size of the group is kept to a maximum of twelve people so as to provide intimacy and individualized support. Once someone has taken this course, they are able to have private “inner adventure” sessions that assist them in getting to the roots of issues they want to resolve.

Are you available for speaking events?


How did you get started?

I arrived overflowing with burning questions about life that no one was able to answer adequately to appease my inquisitive mind.  Quite young, I began a personal quest to discover my own answers. Philosophical theories were never applicable in real life; religious faith-based teachings generated more questioning and uncertainty; personal development and spiritually based courses placated my hunger but just temporarily. Nothing provided deep enough answers or produced the enduring transformation I craved; I sensed there must be more.

A fellow seeker approached and asked me to teach her what I know. Even with all my acquired knowledge, I doubted knowing enough to teach anyone, and was shocked when I spontaneously said “Sure, come over and bring your friends!” Those unexpected words changed my lifepath completely.  When twelve people arrived in my living room, profound information began to flow; wise answers I had no idea I possessed effortlessly arrived. Students kept returning, referring their friends, until I was teaching full-time.  Soon I opened a spiritual center in Redondo Beach California, calling it Perfect Life Awakening.

I have been teaching groups and individuals in all phases of self-study for over four decades. My trailblazing information has been brought to thousands, including psychologists who use my methods with their patients, teachers who use it with students, parents who use it with their children, couples who use it in their relationships.  

Tell me about your books.

I am the author of three books about my teachings, all available on Amazon. 

Know: A spiritual wake-up call, is a detailed explanation of my teachings including many true-life examples and observation exercises.  Written in a hands-on way, this book is designed as a tool to help the reader experience inner transformation. 

Want:  True love, past lives and other complications, is a fictionalized story of what soulmate love really is, sprinkled generously with my teachings and past life information. 

Back:  Rebirth after stroke, is an intimate account of applying my  teachings as my husband’s post-stroke caregiver.

Tell me about the Perfect Life Awakening show.

I host a show called “Perfect Life Awakening” that airs the first and third Wednesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. PST on OM Times Media.  I interview experts about various topics, focusing especially on nonphysical realms, Near-Death Experiences, spiritual wisdom, etc. These people share about their life-changing experiences and are helping change lives of others.  Each show I offer information about my teachings and practical hints to live a perfect life.

Future plans?

Currently, I am completing a book that shows the application of my teachings and methods.  I am also completing a series of fiction books aimed at middle grade.

Where and how can people find you?   (310) 710-9741

My teachings are available via live, in person and remote classes and private sessions. 

Social Media:  Facebook  Royce Morales  and Perfect Life Awakening

#RoyceMorales  @RoyceMorales

You Tube:  Royce Morales

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