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YouTubes about Perfect Life Awakening!

"Mirror, mirror on the wall… Royce is one of the most transformational and inspirational teachers that I have had the honor of learning from. Her classes were a lot of fun (sometimes) and deeply gratifying, even if sometimes I was challenged to see myself for who I really was being on the inside (and mirrored on the outside). I love how Royce always made a safe environment for me to look at my stuff without judgement.


"This topic of mirrors is one of the biggest strategies I use on a daily basis to continue living into a life I am designing in the moment based on my present and not my past.  It is one of the best ways to have a fulfilling and magical relationship with my wife.

"When you ‘own your stuff’ it is hard to find anything to argue about and the best way to resolve conflict or differing opinions, and it opens the door to deeper communication and intimacy. But it is NOT always easy to face my mirrors. When I finally do and then look at what is behind them (what incident set them up and what decisions I made about myself at the time) my world shifts and I become more ‘real’ with myself and my relationships.

"Facing your mirrors is a wonderful way to see how you are showing up in life and allows you to be able to shift to create the kind of life you desire. Dive deep into the mirrors in your life, it will be well worth it."

- Dr. Don Baune, Chiropractor

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