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Words of praise from Michael Benner, former KPFK radio show host and Ageless Mystery School teacher:

"I had the pleasure of participating in an interview with Royce recently, and I must say it was an incredibly enlightening and enjoyable experience. Royce's interview style is nothing short of exceptional.

"From the moment the interview began, it was evident that Royce possessed a unique talent for creating a space that felt both informative and conversational. The flow of our conversation was seamless, and it was as though we were simply engaged in a natural, organic dialogue.


"One of the most remarkable aspects of Royce's interview approach is her ability to ask evocative questions that emanate from a place of spontaneity and intuition. These questions not only allowed for a deep exploration of the topic at hand but also enabled listeners of all backgrounds and levels of inner development to personally connect with and relate to the subject matter. Her questions had a way of drawing out insights and perspectives that I hadn't even considered before.


"As a transformational facilitator myself, I was particularly impressed with Royce's skill in encouraging a profound dive into important topics. She not only facilitated this exploration but also traveled alongside me on the journey. Her presence and engagement in the conversation were palpable, making the experience all the more enriching and meaningful.

"In conclusion, I can wholeheartedly say that my interview with Royce was a testament to her remarkable talent as an interviewer and facilitator. Her ability to create an informative, clear, and organic flow of conversation while posing thought-provoking questions is truly commendable. I have no doubt that Royce's work will continue to inspire and resonate with audiences seeking transformation and personal growth. It was an honor to be part of her interview, and I look forward to more opportunities to engage with her in the future."

- Michael Benner

Counselor, Teacher, Author, and Top 2% Podcaster 

Personal Development Strategies 

Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking

— a service of The Ageless Wisdom Mystery School

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