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11 Frequently Asked Questions about this Work


In my years of working with clients, there are some standard questions that I'm asked repeatedly, so I've compiled them here. If you have any questions, feel free to email them to me and I'll gladly personally address them. 

1) What could block doing this work?

I find that the most common thing potentially preventing this work from flowing is fear. Many people have false notions about what it feels like to look inside, what it means to get in touch with subconscious memories, past lives, etc. Know that there is nothing to fear; it's all a fascinating adventure within. I encourage you to recognize and acknowledge any fears going on, even if they seem silly, so as to help release their impact or be provided with an answer to quell them. 

2) Couldn’t I be making up memories?

I like to explain this in three ways. First, during this work you are in touch with your subconscious awareness. Unlike other aspects of your consciousness, this part doesn’t make things up. This work also has access to your Higher Consciousness, your spiritual wisdom, and information is stored there from all of time. 


The second answer is to think about how you ‘make things up.’ For example, if you were asked to make up a description of a tree, you’d instantly describe one based on trees you’d seen before.  


However, if you were asked to close your eyes and tell me what comes to mind instantly and an image of a tree suddenly flashes before you, that’s not making something up. That’s considered a vision, and it shows for several reasons:  It could be a part of a memory; it could be symbolic of something; it could be inspiring you to go plant trees in the rainforest like you’ve always wanted to; or it could be a message about trimming that overgrown tree in your backyard! You’re the only one who knows what it means, so ask and trust yourself.


The final litmus test is that made-up memories don’t have emotional charges with them, comparable to just looking at an apple. 


Of course, things wouldn’t shift in your life from making up a memory.   


3)  Does this work conflict with religious views?

Many people have this concern. The work we do is spiritual as opposed to religious. I promise to never step on anyone’s religious beliefs or dogma. I do find that, often, this work actually enhances one’s connection to their faith, makes it more real and even more pragmatic.  


Many Biblical scholars attest that Jesus openly taught information about meditation and reincarnation after his extended journey to India. They claim that several hundred years ago this was mostly removed from the Bible.  The theory is that this gave the church more control by convincing the masses to believe in the finality of heaven and hell. It also prevented untrained people from opening up energetically during meditation. Prayer was “safer.”


4)  What if I’m not ready to remember?

Trust that your Higher Consciousness will only give you information that you are ready to receive. And, you may be more ready than you think!


5)  Will I remember what happened after my session?

Doing deep work in a meditative state allows you to remember everything you got in touch with.  

Also, I go over what you realized to help the work stick. I highly recommend writing down what you experienced as soon as the session is done so you’ll have the information as a reference.  Writing it down also helps solidify it.  I recommend keeping a special journal for this process.  

Oftentimes when you get in touch with something and really complete it, you don’t need to hold on to it so it doesn’t need to stay around. 

6)  Will I get in touch with the future or predict things?

This work is not about psychic predictions. However, often people get in touch with information that helps the future, or to create a more conscious experience of life.  


7)  Do I need to address my present life if everything sources to past lives?

I have yet to see a client’s unresolved current life issue not source back to a past life. However, in order to clear a pathway to address past lives, clients often need to delve into their current life first. This happens frequently, especially when their current life consists of triggered trauma or emotional suppression.

Although everyone is different, it may take an understanding of, or a partial resolve of your current life, to prepare you to look further back. Also, many people jump back and forth addressing their current life and past lives based on what their Higher Consciousness needs them to do, and what they’re inner timeline is prepared for. There’s no right or wrong order and it’s all important to address.

Of course, the reason to go to the past is to resolve the present and get direction for the future!

8)  What are the most important memories to get in touch with?

The rule of thumb is, if a memory shows up, it’s important for some reason. However, the work I do is mostly about locating traumatic incidents -- things done to you as well as things you’ve done -- that are still impacting your current life subconsciously. 

I absolutely trust my clients’ subconscious and Higher Consciousness to bring forward anything they are supposed to remember and rarely “direct” them in any way.  

9) Will doing this work have me start dwelling in the past? Shouldn’t I be more concerned with being present, living in the moment?

I find that the past is constantly affecting how you live in the present whether you know it consciously or not. This work allows you to see what’s been controlling you subconsciously, not to ruminate about it, rather so it can be released. There are incomplete, unfelt emotions you’ve probably been suppressing, decisions you made about yourself, others and life and negative programming you believed from these events. This work helps neutralize their impact. In other words, it releases the negative hold that memories have so that they transform into just memories. This allows you to be in the present moment effortlessly. 

10) You teach that we choose our lives. Why do we choose a particular lifetime?  

There are many factors in our choice of lifetimes and the body chosen to inhabit. I divide them into two main groups:  The fear-based consciousness choice and the Higher Consciousness choice. These two energies have very different motives in their choices.

The fear-based aspect is concerned strictly with survival, so its choice of bodies and circumstances comes from a pragmatic place. Will this body support survival?  Will this choice of parents allow me to not worry about my next meal?  Will this geographic location not be too tough to live in? Will this life allow me to avoid doing what I know I am supposed to be doing? Etc.  

On the other hand, the Higher Consciousness is all about learning spiritual lessons, cleaning up karma and completing things that were left dangling. So, it chooses a body that will support as much growth as possible, even with hard challenges to inspire big awakening. Ultimately, it chooses a lifetime in which to manifest the form your spiritual Purpose is meant to take.

11) Will doing this work help me manifest what I want in my life?

The simple answer is yes. I’ve seen miraculous things happen when people get in touch with why they have not felt deserving and when they release subconscious fears getting in the way of their taking action. 

However, letting go of expectations as to the results of this work is the best way to approach it. See what unfolds and trust the journey!

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