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"Transform Self Sabotage"

Transform Self Sabotage Course

Introduction to the
Perfect Life Awakening Program

Are you frustrated, confused as to what's stopping your success, why your goals and dreams aren't manifesting?


Are you easily triggered and don't know why? Hopeless, negative or apathetic for no tangible reason?

Old programming, limiting, negative beliefs and subconscious fears are sabotaging you from behind the scenes.


They are keeping you stuck, unsure of your life purpose, unable to be your authentic self. They affect all aspects of your existence, prevent you from creating the life you desire. They block envisioning what you want, thwart you from taking empowered, clear action. Those hidden notions steal your energy and aliveness and are the reason you're prone to sadness, anger, addictiveness, disconnection, resentment and apathy.

"Transform Self Sabotage" gets to the roots of what's stopping you from living a deserving, joy filled, empowered life. This immersive series provides profound and applicable information along with inner clearing tools that can shift the way you perceive yourself, others and life. 

By locating the origins of what's sabotaging you and neutralizing its impact, you can awaken to full self-acceptance, true authenticity and a meaningful existence.

Deserve to re-connect to your infinite potential.  


The "Transform Self Sabotage" course can empower you to discover and neutralize what's in the way of  

creating the life you desire and deserve.

Program Details:

- Six, weekly, two-hour live classes presented by Royce. The group is limited to twelve participants to allow for personal attention and interaction. 

- The Program is packed with experiential, life-shifting information, along with guided inner journeys that help clear out subconscious, self-sabotaging programming. 

- Self-observation and action steps to integrate the information in your Real Life, as well as journaling prompts to help you stay focused and committed.

- Royce is available to personally answer questions and support you every inch of the way.

- Once you complete this introductory Program, more is available, and you can set up private inner journey sessions with Royce to go even deeper.

- Price: $300

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Ever met someone who changed your life so profoundly you could never return to the shadow of your former self?


That's who Royce Morales and her Perfect Life Awakening Program are to me.


Teacher, mentor, friend through time and space and multiple dimensions! 


E. Lester, Founder of Fitness Mentors

This course changed my life. One of the greatest changes was the realization that I am responsible for my life. No matter what situation I am in, it's my situation and not the fault or cause from someone else. With this outlook, I've been able to change my life by taking responsibility not only for the bad, but for all the wonderful things that I have created in my life as well.

"In the first class, Royce asked us to recall a time when we had felt pure joy and happiness. The first thought that came to my mind was how happy I was when my whole family had come to visit me after I had been run over by a truck. It was interesting that such joy came from a time of complete tragedy. Is this how joy comes in my life? Surely there must be an easier and less dramatic way to access joy in my life.

"Doing this simple exercise made me realize there was an inner working of my consciousness that I didn’t understand. Through these classes, I have accesses my inner power and realized I don’t need to have negative things happen to gain access to love and joy. Rather I can have love and joy by working inside myself about what I attract and why. I highly recommend this course to everyone, as the best way to find happiness, joy, peace, and love is to look inside yourself."  - E. Lester, Founder of Fitness Mentors

If this work speaks to you,

deserve to join Royce and seriously shift your life! 

(310) 710-9741 or


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Royce Morales developed Perfect Life Awakening courses such as Transform Self Sabotage as well as Spiritual Cognition Integration and the Spiritual Integration Assisting Program and has been teaching and utilizing these powerful techniques for over four decades.


Each person can experience phenomenal shifts, however there is no guarantee or prediction as to how results will manifest. 

Although there is no danger in doing this work, breaking through takes time, may bring up resistance and other issues may be ready to arise.  This means the process is working and it’s highly suggested that the work continue committedly.  


Royce Morales is not a therapist nor is she practicing psychotherapy.  Those under psychiatric care need to discuss doing this deep spiritual inner work before embarking. 

See terms and conditions here.

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