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Updated: Mar 15

The other night I had the craziest dream. I dreamt I was writing a blog about a crazy dream I was having! When I woke up, the message was clear: I was supposed to write a blog about the importance of dreams -- valuing them, hearing their meanings and expanding perceptions as to what they are.

After all, we spend a third of our life sleeping.

Plus, how could I ignore such obvious creative advice!

Since dream analysis came on the scene, we have been taught to think of dreams as strictly symbolic. We look them up in dream dictionaries, trusting someone else’s interpretation rather than our own. Or we apply the simplistic rule of thumb that every item or character in a dream is actually an aspect of ourselves.

Sadly, we slough off our important nighttime adventures by saying that was sure weird. Then, quickly forget and go eat breakfast.

Dreams offer so much. They can be instructional, inspirational, warnings, prophetic and even time to spend with departed loved ones. Often, dreams are out of body experiences where we travel to other realms. Importantly, dreams help us get in touch with whatever we are in denial of or are suppressing – emotions, fears, desires, memories.

Dreams keep connections with people, even if we are not sure why. Recently I had an intense dream about one of my former students who had years ago moved out of state. This dream stayed with me all day, only to find out later that she needed my help.

A profound dream experience happened to one of my students while she was on vacation. This lucid dream instructed her to open a business, even provided the name for this venture. Having no experience in this particular genre, she was terrified, but obeyed the dream’s insistence. Trusting this dream became a dream come true for herself and many others.

My students often complain that they rarely if ever remember their dreams. I advise to keep their eyes closed upon awakening and rehash the dream to anchor it. Then, write down anything remembered, even just the tone. This starts reprogramming the subconscious mind to value the importance of dreams, and they start rising to the occasion.

How do you know what a dream means? Ask yourself and always trust your first response. There are no dream dictionaries that know you better than you know yourself. The messages speak loud and clear about who you are and what you need to receive.

Keep in mind that dreams are so much more than just symbolism and mirrors.

Deserve to wake up to the gifts they bring every night.


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