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I clearly remember the first time I told a lie. I was sixteen, a staunch political activist, wanting to attend an anti-war demonstration nearby.

The only way I could go was to lie to my mother. So, I lied. Through my teeth.

This 15,000-person demonstration for peace shifted into violence; stones were thrown, heads were bashed. As my mother watched the six o’clock news in horror, she somehow knew that I was there.

When I got home, she met me at the front door with angry tears. I came clean, but recited a litany of justifications and gee Mom, nothing happened to me so it’s all good.

Her tongue wagging was enough to dissuade me from doing much more lying. Or, should I say, I never got caught again.

Lying is a learned survival instinct, believing it will protect us. Our crafty alibis continue into adulthood as we become adept at misleading. We exaggerate to impress, evade to persuade. Little white lies fill our conversations, distorting the truth to fit our needs. We rationalize that our falsehoods make us polite, proving that we care about others’ feelings.

No matter how we justify, choosing to lie is trying to hide ourselves.

Does lying do what we think it will do? Does it prevent punishment? Conceal? Maintain a connection with someone? Does not telling the truth succeed in any possible positive way?

The short answer is no.

On a higher consciousness level, we want to be found out. As guilt eats at us, we may do things to make sure we are caught. The truth often slips out. We leave hints. We omit details or overcompensate with too much information. Our body language gives clues as we shrug, breathe heavily, put hand over mouth, maintain an aggressive fight-readiness position and avoid eye-contact. Statistically, arsonists show up at the scene of the fire.

Just as my mother sensed I was not being honest, our intuitive lie detector beeps loudly when others are untruthful. Instead of trusting our knowingness, we bypass those accurate signals and choose to believe their words instead.

Just as we want to be found out, we want the truth from others; everything feels off until it is stated. Friendships get destroyed; marriages crumble; countries collapse. By being a loving, safe recipient for truth, trusting our intuition, we encourage honesty above comfort.

Telling the truth can be scary, especially if we don’t have much practice at it. But keep in mind that ultimately, lying never works; eventually we will be found out. Plus, there are always ways to be honest with the results well worth it.

A lifetime of deception holds us back from spiritual growth, personal evolution and feeling good about ourselves.

Know that the truth always set us free. Deserve to be free.

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