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Updated: Mar 15

Last week, an eighteen-year-old walked into a gun store and, with no questions asked, bought two assault weapons. Then he killed nineteen children and two adults at their Uvalde, Texas, elementary school.

We may never know why. If there was a why.

This tragedy not only says something about the shooter, but it also says something about all of us. His action reflects the part of us that lashes out when angry. The part of us that nourishes, revels in and rewards violence. The part of us that teaches killing as a solution. The only solution.

Every time we take action that is not from love and compassion, we are that shooter.

He had a mental health issue, but he mirrored our society’s larger one. As Marianne Williamson says, “Outsized greed is a mental health issue. An economic system that puts money before people is a mental health issue. A society that sacrifices its children for the sake of corporate profits is a mental health issue.”

As we grope for solutions, it is important to “March For Our Lives” on June 11th. But it is more important to look within at our own level of violence.

Let’s look at our fear-based, primitive consciousness that accepts killing as the only defense, the solution to problems.

Look at the normalization, the celebration and worshiping of violence in our culture and within us.

Look at the part of us that chooses to, or even considers slapping a child when they disobey.

Or contemplates revenge when we feel insulted, frustrated or upset.

What about the often subtle levels of violence we inflict upon ourselves?

And how numb we have become to all of it.

On a higher consciousness level, we are living during a radical, global transformation. The kind that will alter who we are, not just as individuals, but collectively, as a species.

This historic time can mark the end of an age. We can evolve from our primitive-based mentality to one of true compassion. We can thrive from the authentic empowerment that love provides.

Change is fraught with struggle and resistance. Our biggest challenge, both personally and as a society, is to not have violence as our reality. What if we knew there were other choices? Loving choices. Always.

We cannot just move on and wait until the next tragedy strikes. We cannot buy into hopelessness or just hope for the best. We cannot go numb.

It may feel chaotic, frightening and perhaps impossible. But we must trust the process and do what we came here to do.

We chose to be here during this inner-revolutionary time to play an essential role that is ushering in this transformation. This massive shift from fear to love comes from within, the choices we make, consciously as well as subconsciously.

We cannot be complicit in this transition. We must do our part. We must face and resolve our anger. We must face and resolve our instant reaction to strike out toward others as well as ourselves.

We must face our desire to go numb or apathetic and care. Because we do. It is who we are.

It is time to step into our evolution. We must claim our true power and always choose love.

We signed up for this.

How long will it take to create a world based on love? That is up to us.


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