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Updated: Mar 15

Prior to marrying Michael, I had never seen It’s A Wonderful Life, the 75-year-old, all-time most popular Christmas film. Anticipating another sappy, predictable, holiday production, he twisted my arm to get me to sit and watch it. He assured me that I would love it.

Rolling my eyes, I relented, ready for a dose of schmaltz.

Two hours later, tears streaming down my face, I admitted that yes, it was good; yes, I loved it. In fact, it became our official yearly Christmas tradition to eat breakfast in bed, tearfully blowing our noses as though we were seeing it for the first time.

From my spiritual viewpoint, this film is filled with quintessential, higher consciousness messages. Acceptance of self-worth; triumph over failure; and trusting the direction life leads. Simple but profound.

Every character portrays archetypical traits, especially George Bailey, the protagonist. This selfless man is unconditionally loved by his wife and family, has utmost respect from everyone in his hometown of Bedford Falls. Yet, their admiration is discounted as he struggles to escape small-town limitations, determined to become a famous architect.

As life does when disregarding one’s soul’s purpose, George is forced in another direction -- taking over his deceased father’s building and loan business. Sacrificing his dreams, he resents this fate, yet generously, selflessly, helps those who are suffering.

When he experiences a devastating financial blow to his business, with no apparent way out, he pleads to God to show him the way. On a bridge at the brink of suicide, a 292-year-old angel trying to earn his wings is sent down to offer help.

Impeccably named Clarence Odbody, escorts George through an alternate reality, revealing scene-by-scene what life would have been like if he had not been born.

George experiences a profound spiritual awakening. The puzzle pieces of his life come together; he accepts the vital impact he has had on countless others. He begs for a second chance at living, receives it, and is “reborn” a transformed person.

We are all are here to achieve that realization. Our lives are vital in ways we may never know; caring about others is our soul’s mission.

When the townspeople show up, chipping in whatever they can to rescue George from financial disaster, he is given proof of his value. Finally, he embraces his true purpose: Helping others.

A bell rings and Clarence receives his wings. Angelically he reminds us that “Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around, he leaves an awful hole. You see George, you really had a wonderful life. Don’t you see what a mistake it would have been to throw it away?”

George finds peace.

For a moment, imagine what life would be like had you not been born.

Yes, it is indeed, a wonder-full life.

Gifting you love, trust and purpose, now and all ways.


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