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Updated: Mar 15

It's time to write your annual new year's resolutions. You know that some will be kept; maybe a few will stick until mid-January; but most will be disregarded by sunrise.

I have tried every possible tactic to set personal goals and keep them, but most would just fade away. As one who learns best from frequent face planting, failure has taught me what works and what does not.

The key is intention.

You might be declaring what you want and hoping to keep your commitment. But lurking inside are pesky counter intentions voicing you don’t deserve this; this is too hard; last time you promised this you gave up; who cares anyway.

Guess what? Resolutions get broken before the ink dries.

I refer to the Universe as a “Yes Machine,” meaning that the Universe agrees with whatever you truly intend. When all parts of you – mind, body, emotions and spirit -- are in alignment, the Universe says yes, offering support in miraculous ways.

A good way to discover your true intent is to ask yourself why you are making this commitment. If you are trying to run from something, filling a void, hoping something will make you happy, or trying to prove something, resolutions rarely work.

To your fear-based, primitive consciousness, making commitments, even small ones, generates tremendous fear. Commitments symbolize boredom, feeling trapped, stuck with no way out. Commitments bring out the inner nemesis who taunts: You are weak, you are not deserving, you can't do it.

Is it any wonder that commitments get broken?

There is an antidote. Align your intention with your spirit, your higher consciousness, who you really are.

What does your soul desire from you? Is this resolution something that will take you closer to your true purpose? Will it open you to the highest and greatest love for self and others? Is it big enough? If so, trust it and know that the Universe is supporting you in extraordinary ways.

With those keys in mind, now take another look at your list. What fears are trying to sabotage you? Are there false notions claiming you don’t deserve? Are your desires from your ego?

Which ones are you going to delete? Which ones should stay?

Now, take a deep breath and know that the ones you are keeping deserve to be kept, and trust that you will receive support from the yes-saying Universe.

Imagine yourself looking back a year from now saying wow, I kept all my commitments and look at what manifested! Look at how much I have evolved, how much love I brought to the world!

Trust that this new year will reflect all that you truly desire.

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