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Updated: Mar 15

The expression feel the fear, and do it anyway is good guidance that helps increase confidence and self-esteem. Obediently submitting to fear, rather than hearing its underlying message, provides compost that grows even bigger fears.

Most fears are symbolic of something else. The real fear hides under the surface, with infinite ways of tricking you to believe that is what you are actually afraid of.

For example, fear of talking to a stranger could be fear of rejection. Taking it further, the real fear is always fear of love, so the notion of potentially of connecting with that stranger might be the deeper issue.

One of my students was phobic about driving over bridges. Even though he knew it was illogical, he was absolutely convinced that it would be his car that would cause a bridge to collapse. Whenever possible, he would drive miles out of his way to avoid crossing. If there was no other choice, he would speed-demon across, radio turned to deafening, singing at the top of his lungs.

Doing inner work together, he discovered that this fear was actually a subconscious request for attention. He had a challenging time expressing his needs, so this anxiety provided an excuse to be vulnerable with guaranteed attention from his concerned, sympathetic wife.

This realization allowed him to make different choices, recognizing when he craved attention, verbally requesting his needs.

He also recognized that his bridge fear was a distraction from an even deeper fear: Completely connecting with his spouse. Subconsciously, he did not feel deserving of this relationship, and was unknowingly trying to sabotage it by acting out. Clearing the deep roots of that false notion allowed their relationship to blossom.

Attempting to resolve superficial fear is a band-aid solution since there are infinite tactics hiding what you are really afraid of. Discovering what fear you have been using as a distraction and why may take some digging, but the results are enlightening, empowering, and life-shifting.

Fears are your best teachers that can lead you toward profound connection with yourself and others. Fear opens doors to discover and facilitate what you really want and deserve from life.

So, what is your real fear?


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