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Updated: Mar 15

Exactly seven years ago, my extremely healthy, young-ish husband had a massive stroke. He nearly died, but somehow made it through. With continual therapy, he makes progress, albeit inches at a time.

Invariably, whenever part of me says just give up, he is not getting any better, something shifts and he makes a leap of some kind. Last month he actually began stringing sentences together. Occasionally.

To me, that is indicative of the power of hope. Hope that comes and goes. Hope that is the light despite the darkness. Hope that shows that anything is possible.

Humans have always endured unknowns, challenges and sufferings. Yet we manage to muddle through them, sometimes heroically, by believing there is always hope. That somehow things will change, life will go on, there will be some benefit or lesson out of our struggle.

Hope is our superpower, a state of mind that allows for possibility. When hope fades or disappears, we give up and then things fall apart.

Hope opens the door to trust, beckoning us to continue. Patience holds hope’s hand and says all in good time.

Some perceive hope as a way to ignore the so-called “reality” of situations. Like hoping to win the lottery although the odds are definitely against it. Or hoping that someone or something will finally change. Or hoping that even seven years post stroke, sentences will emerge.

When combined with trust and patience, hope is a powerful thought that creates energetic shifts. If believed strongly enough, hope can supersede what looks like the “reality” of a situation and create miracles.

Hope is knowing that no matter the appearance, change can happen.

I find that often, right before a big shift is about to happen, things appear the most hopeless. The current situation that the planet is in, the massive amount of hopelessness inside so many, is evidence that things can, will, and are shifting.

Recently I heard an interview with former Beatle, Paul McCartney. He described an event decades ago where they were stranded in a blinding snowstorm after their roadie’s car slid down an embankment. In this dire situation, pre-cellphone days, one of his fellow Beatles said three simple words that became his life motto: “Something will happen.” And, it did: A car arrived and rescued them.

With the massive amount of inner awakening going on, each person adding their hopeful energy to the collective consciousness, the promise of hope can be counted on.

If you have lost hope, or are on the brink of giving up, now more than ever, trust that even the tiniest spark can light a fire.

Remember: Something will happen.


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