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Updated: Mar 15

So, how could I possibly not speak to what occurred last week in the U.S. capitol?

Maybe you’re still emotionally raw, in a daze of sadness, or seething with anger. Perhaps you’re trying to figure out logically what happened and why, or struggling to understand it spiritually.

Possibly you’ve just turned off the news, fingers in your ears declaring lalalala.

Needless to say, dramatic events like these can take a while to completely process. Know that wherever you’re at is where you need to be.

As a spiritually based transformational teacher, my immediate inclination is to look at the Bigger Picture: To understand the evolutionary lessons showing up, the shifts that need to happen (and hopefully ARE happening) internally, socially, nationally and globally.

The crux of what I’ve been teaching for decades instantly hit me in the face: As long as we don’t admit that we are all the same, we won’t have to admit the mirrors that others are showing us of our denial.

In other words, watching the news footage you define yourself as being different from “them,” saying “I would never do such a horrendous thing!” By having that perspective, you miss the greatest gifts of inner growth – seeing that you are doing those things in some way in your own life. Granted, it might be a less blatant version, but mirrors never lie.

I hear grumbling already. No one ever likes looking at mirrors, but hang with me.

Like, how are you rioting in some way (maybe fighting an inner battle with yourself)?

Where are you trying to tear down rather than build up (maybe your self-confidence level)?

How are you needing to be right when things don’t go your way (maybe lying to yourself)?

Most importantly: What desperate measures are you taking when you feel hopeless? Have you lost or given up on your dream, feeling futile and purposeless in some way?

Admitting Truth

My students invariably arrive when something dramatic happens in their life, something that shakes them to their core. Like an addict hitting bottom. A business going bankrupt forcing them to question what their life purpose is. A tragedy that pushes them to seek answers. Frustration with an endlessly repeating life pattern.

Usually, they’ve tried various band aids, but nothing worked permanently, and the problems keep growing.

Compare that to America. Is this country going through a global example of needing an explosion to wake it up? Have centuries of lofty promises of freedom and equality, really been its true intent?

What band aids has America been applying trying to avoid seeing mirrors?

Why Admit Mirrors?

As my students allow their denial to emerge, true healing starts happening. But, like admitting, that crucial first A.A. step, it’s terrifying to just tell the Truth.

However, the more those denied aspects of yourself are faced and admitted, the more you heal, feel deserving and become personally empowered.

BTW, doing that is not just self-centered naval gazing, it’s about creating a ripple effect to assist the evolution of this planet from fear to love.

How? By seeing and admitting mirrors, you instantly stop judging others and are left with true compassion.

Although it may seem impossible at the moment, that’s the ultimate Higher Consciousness goal: To feel true compassion for all. Yep, I emphasize the word ALL. And that includes feeling it for yourself.

Truth is, regardless of political affiliation, race, religion, gender or national boundaries, all humans have the same principles, and all want the same thing: Love.

But as long as fear is your much louder Operating System, you’ve lost touch with who you truly are, a Higher Consciousness, authentic, loving, empowered being. (I can help with that)

So, whether you know it or not, we are all forging an ongoing path through fear together.

Love is the healing light that's leading us.

It’s scary, but, like ripping off a band aid, admitting mirrors only stings for a minute.


Royce Morales, a renowned transformational facilitator, developer and teacher of Perfect Life Awakening, offers unique breakthrough spiritually-based tools to discover and resolve the roots of negative, self-sabotaging, inner programming. This work awakens and transforms you by overcoming limiting beliefs, shifting your consciousness and resolving what's keeping you from a life of deservingness and true joy.

Royce offers remote group classes, an e-course and private inner journey sessions using her empowering spiritual clearing techniques.

Contact Royce for a free fifteen minute consultation to see if this inner-journey work is a good fit.

Royce is the author of three fascinating books about her teachings: “Want: True love, past lives and other complications;” “Know: A spiritual wake-up call;” and “Back: Rebirth After Stroke,” all available on

Her website is and Twitter is @RoyceMorales. She can be reached at

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