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The other day someone made a comment about my blogs, calling the topics I write about ‘elementary.’ Actually, I agreed. Those foundational lessons are just as important, essential, and perhaps even more challenging than the complex ones.

We have to graduate from kindergarten before moving on to first grade.

Some of the essential lessons presented to four-year-olds -- sharing, being nice, playing fair, cleaning up, saying your sorry (with thanks to Robert Fulghum) -- we still struggle to master as adults.

As a spiritual teacher, I have been hearing about the emergence of higher consciousness, collective evolution, for decades. From what I see, most people still only identify with the material world, believing they are just bodies, dictated by fears and programmed false beliefs.

Shifting into identifying as a spirit, those limits are transcended. We open to synchronicity, intuition, and powers we would not otherwise accept. We feel a connection to, oneness with all life. We fearlessly embrace our True Life Purpose and live from trust. We feel acceptance, always choosing from love rather than fear.

Working with individuals wanting to evolve, many looking for assistance during these challenging times, I know that awakening consciousness is never a straight or easy path. Spiritual work is an unfolding process; it is not a project with manuals providing step-by-step, one-size-fits-all instructions.

Plus, just when we think, ahha, I got it, life hurls more on our plate and we need to dig deeper.

Even those seemingly elementary lessons we thought we had gotten past.

Things rarely make sense while we are going through them, but in retrospect, there are always reasons, lessons, opportunities to clean things up. Our higher consciousness knows our inner timeline, determining when we are ready to awaken and how much it will take. It constantly provides opportunities to help us remember what we came here to do, kicking us in the butt as needed.

It is tough to predict what the evolution of humanity will look like. But I do know that we are holding the reins of collective consciousness; everything shifts from what we do individually. Even if we don’t see it. Even if it seems elementary.

The most important thing we can do is just keep working on awakening, getting bigger shovels as needed.

The darkness surfacing everywhere is an opportunity to recognize and heal our own denial. By dismantling our fears and programmed beliefs, we create space for light to shine through. The light reveals who we really are, expanding the consciousness of the planet.

Yes, I choose to keep my teachings elementary.

Yet under those simplistic words are profound messages that will get us out of kindergarten for good.

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