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Decades ago, when this spiritual teacher gig literally landed in my lap, it was the last thing I ever thought I’d be doing. Maybe even beyond the last thing.

Not only was I a serious introvert, I seriously doubted I knew anything about teaching, especially something that I seriously doubted I knew anything about (even though I’d been a serious seeker my entire life).

But, when ten people suddenly filled my tiny living room, expectantly expecting wisdom and answers, I freaked. Totally.

Forcing my trembling mouth to stutter the information I'd prepared, I never once looked up from my notes. However, pretty soon my words took on their own volition. Information I didn't know I had started pouring out. Questions were answered effortlessly. Thoughts arrived, gifted from somewhere.

I was not only shocked, I was dumbfounded.

I thought this miracle was simply a fluke. But when the same group returned the following week and more information appeared, I started to think maybe I could trust this phenomenon.

That was the hardest part: Trusting that, when I don’t get in my own way, perfect, helpful, dare-I-say wise words happen. Admittedly, it took a while, but eventually, as more and more students arrived, I trusted.

Low and behold, teaching (did I mention it was the last thing I'd ever be doing?) became my superpower.

What's Your Struggle?

Often, what you define as your biggest “less-than,” could actually be the prep for you to discover your superpower.

It's like comic book superheroes -- whatever they think is their curse, ends up being their unique, save-the-world gift.

Or, people who’ve gone through traumatic experiences who end up compassionately helping others Think: Oprah Winfrey’s childhood of abuse and what that transmuted into.

Or Churchill, a great orator, who suffered from an incapacitating stutter. Or Einstein, who barely talked until he was four and was thought to have a learning disability.

Or myself, hiding in the back of classrooms, terrified that teachers would call on me or force a trembling front-of-class presentation.

Hiden Superpowers

More often than not, whatever made you "different" from others, could end up being your superpower.

Things you're able to do quickly without thought, before fears and self-doubt kick in, could be your superpower.

Your superpower is not necessarily one of your innate gifts, talents or skills, although, like Mozart, it could be.

In fact, your superpower just might be the most difficult or challenging thing you ever try to do in life.


Working with thousands to explore hidden realms of their subconscious spiritual existence, past lives often hold the key to unlocking their superpower.

Frequently, previous lifetimes hold memories of times you didn’t succeed at something you were “supposed” to be accomplishing. The choice of your current life is about challenging that “failure,” to re-awaken and do it right this time.

But, in order for you to successfully embrace and live that superpower, the subconscious inner programming keeping you stuck needs to be resolved. (I can help with that)

Along with inner work, action of some kind needs to happen. Even baby steps, even with fears. By doing that, you discover even deeper levels of programming and it gets easier to resolve it.

By applying inner and outer work, you can finally own what you’re meant to accomplish in life. You can reconnect with your authentic self, stand in your truth and be a Higher Consciousness Superpower.


Royce Morales, a renowned spiritual teacher for decades, shares powerful breakthrough tools to get to the roots of self-sabotaging programming to create a life you truly deserve. Discover your superpower!

She offers remote group classes, an e-course and private inner journey sessions using her empowering spiritual clearing techniques.

Contact Royce for a free fifteen minute consultation to see if this work is a good fit.

Royce is the author of three fascinating books about her teachings: “Want: True love, past lives and other complications;” “Know: A spiritual wake-up call;” and “Back: Rebirth After Stroke,” all available on

Her website is and Twitter is @RoyceMorales. She can be reached at

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