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Anyone Listening?

As I sat down to write about my new Perfect Life Awakening e-course, I suddenly had a flash. Out of nowhere, I noticed an undeniably strong thought saying: Why bother, no one listens to me anyway.

Sitting with that for a while I realized that, everything I do or have done in this life has come from thinking that no one was going to hear me anyway.

Listening even deeper, I honestly believed that I didn’t deserve to be heard. Blech.

Quickly applying the inner tools I teach others, I looked for sources of that familiar, oddly comfortable notion. I knew there must be something subconsciously keeping me stuck there. Within minutes, I discovered some core memories where I had decided that, buying it as my truth.

Once I remembered all that I instantly felt freed, unstuck and in awe of how much that notion had been running my life. Actually, It felt exhilarating welcoming myself back.

As often happens after deep inner work, I also felt a mixture of other emotions. Anger at how I hadn’t noticed that about myself after all these years of teaching. Sadness at how I’ve been subconsciously playing small to prove was right about that programmed notion.

Duh. No wonder it was such a struggle getting my message out or to make a big impact with these important teachings.

Because, after all, what IF people DID listen to me??

Double duh.

Immediately, I saw the perfect timing having this realization now that I’m (finally) done creating my e-course. I giggled at the cosmic joke that I’ve chosen a life path that’s all about having people hear me! Big. Life. Lesson. For. Sure.

What a feeling of empowerment.

Once again it brought home the two major aspects of what I teach: 1) Everything is a mirror; and 2) Trust the process.

In other words, whatever is going on in your life is a reflection of some aspect of yourself that you need to see. Admit to. Resolve. Clean up. Yep, all of it.

And, as I was rudely reminded of: Things take as long as they take, maybe even lifetimes, to get the message, admit the denial, release the subconscious sources and change perception. In other words, it’s a process not a project.

. PLA is about helping you do that. And it works.

Are you listening?

Here’s a link to my powerful Perfect Life Awakening e-course and the first module is free!

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