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What is Spiritual Cognition Integration?

You're a high-functioning, generally happy person, right?

So why is it you keep making self-sabotaging choices? Why does it seem like you have no control over your life? Why do negative things keep happening, no matter what you do? Why do you feel stuck all the time?

It's probably because your fear-based consciousness is in the driver's seat.

What is “Fear-Based Consciousness?”

Fear-based consciousness is your primitive part who’s entire job is to make sure you survive. It’s hard-wired with that mission, taking its role very seriously. And, even though your logical mind develops as you mature, a part of you still functions from that survival-based, fight/flight consciousness all the time.

Needless to say, when primitive, reactive fears are making your life choices, there are lots of problems.

A good first step is recognizing where those choices are coming from so you can begin to choose differently. However, to completely shift subconscious, fear-based programming preventing you from the life you want and deserve, you need to do some digging.

That’s where Spiritual Cognition Integration comes in.

SCI was developed over the course of four decades by Royce Morales, founder of Perfect Life Awakening. This unique inner clearing provides an experience of resolving subconscious, fear-based programming while simultaneously awakening spiritual awareness.

You see, because memories of trauma from prior lifetimes arrive with you, you're already functioning primarily from fear. Your fear-based consciousness, only wanting to make sure you to survive, believes you have no other choice but to live from fear. And, just to prove it's right, your life becomes a tangled web of false notions and fearfully programmed beliefs.

Ultimately, this is why you repeat destructive patterns of self-sabotage, simply because your fear-based consciousness believes doing so will keep you safe.

But, guess what? It works in just the opposite way, but your fear-based consciousness never gives up.

The deep-rooted, painful incidents from this and past lives, along with the fear-based thoughts and emotions that came with them, get trapped inside, affecting you right down to a cellular level. These unresolved experiences become the primary aspect of your inner programming, and subconsciously, you create that as your reality and perception of life.

Anxiety, depression, stress, fear, anger, confusion, hopelessness, low deservingness, and most of all, self-punishment, are the ultimate outcomes.

SCI offers ways to access and release those stored memories, providing freedom from the negative, destructive choices running your show.

SCI is based on these three, unbreakable, Universal Laws:

  1. Every action creates an equal counter reaction (in other words, there’s no effect without a prior cause)

  2. Like attracts like

  3. Energy doesn’t go away, but can be transformed

Some details about these Laws:


Just as science shows evidence of genetic diseases passed down generationally through DNA, the same holds true for effects carried over from previous lifetimes. In other words, causes of present-life effects occurred long ago. It's comparable to a computer program running in the background, rarely noticed until things start going awry.

Because you can’t easily put your finger on obvious reasons for things happening to you, believing you can’t recall prior lives (or not believing in them at all), you shrug your shoulders and feel like a victim.

If you've ever wondered: "Why do all these horrible things keep happening to me? Why can't I get situations to change? Why is life so unfair?" Spiritual Cognition Integration allows you to discover those whys. Not for curiosity’s sake, but to attain the freedom and empowerment you’re craving and so deserve.


Under the Universal Law stating “Like attracts like,” trapped subconscious thoughts and emotions seek and magnetize their own frequency. What that means is you manifest situations and attract individuals, as visible effects from prior causes, ones you’ve long ago “forgotten” about.

SCI refers to this phenomena as “mirroring,” demonstrating that nothing can ever be permanently suppressed.

Like a see-saw, whatever you attempt to push down, ignore, or run from will always pop up in some way, at some time, in this or future lives. The other side of the see-saw accurately reflects what you’ve attempted to push down into a black hole of denial.

Doing this work allows you to see that nothing occurs randomly in life. However, admitting you’ve attracted mirrors pointing out denial is not always easy: After all, you’ve worked so diligently at quashing. Besides which, it's tough for the fear-based consciousness to accept responsibility since being The Victim feels “safer."

SCI teaches that, understanding what’s being mirrored is about awakening to wholeness, rather than throwing you into guilt or shame. Mirrors provide clarity as to why your life is the way it is, answering the question “Why me?” with “To help you remember, resolve, release.”


Because you can’t heal what you aren’t aware of, the goal of Spiritual Cognition Integration is to dig up roots that stretch through time and space. The SCI inner processing technique dismantles old patterns keeping you trapped in powerlessness, reclaiming deservingness by shifting internally-created realities.

It helps clear a path for your Soul’s Vision that’s true to who you really are.

How does SCI inner processing transform stuck energy?

SCI is not like traditional therapy, nor is it hypnosis or a spiritual reading. It’s an experiential access to Soul-held memories at their point of origin, understanding them in a Higher Consciousness way, facilitating a release of their effects. By discovering core sources of the subconscious war going on inside, you're left with acceptance, compassion and forgiveness toward yourself and others.

Using the gently guided SCI process, you also begin to recognize and access how your Soul communicates. This can awaken a deep spiritual awareness of authenticity, allowing you to feel empowered by releasing the need to suffer and punish yourself. This inner reconnection opens doors to know that you're far greater than the sum of your parts.

It may not happen instantly, but, as you do the work, a more Whole You emerges.

SCI is a profound inner adventure of resolving stuck issues and entrusting your Soul to be in charge of the map.


To live from trusting yourself, believing in every choice you make knowing it’s from intuition rather than fear.

SCI is not about learning ways to "act as if" or "fake it 'til you make it," or “just visualize and it will happen.” Rather, it’s about doing serious, soulful, inner-work that will alter your life completely.

For good.

How does SCI resolve these "effects?"

In a relaxed, meditative, higher consciousness state, you'll get in touch with original causes, thing from this or past lives that you’re still holding onto subconsciously. These source incidents always have negative decisions you made about yourself, others and life that became your inner programming.

You will be assisted in releasing these old memories, feeling the held or suppressed emotions, and realizing what decisions you made.

Most importantly, you're guided to experience the Higher Consciousness lessons your Soul has been trying to teach you for lifetimes. These lessons are always about love, forgiveness, truth, trust, giving, receiving and remembering your specific Soul Purpose in being here.

Through the SCI technique, your current life can be brought back into balance, blocks can be removed to allow for healing, the past can be seen in a wiser way, and resolution on many levels can occur.

What happens from SCI?

Everyone has their own unique experience from doing SCI work.

You may get a new perspective on yourself and life; you may remember and become more of who you’ve always been. Many are able to embrace their past as the teacher it’s been trying to be, not as an enemy to avoid. It’s common that people become more present as they release the past that’s been subconsciously in charge.

Mostly, you may find yourself standing committed to the full expression of Self on this grand adventure of your Soul awakening.

Sometimes the resulting transformation is immediate; sometimes it may take longer. Know that shift always happens in some way, perhaps differently than expected.

If you’re ready to end your story of unworthiness, of being too much, of not being enough, get ready to shift. If you want to change your relationship with yourself, get ready to finally release the fears keeping you from everything you want.

Accept the invitation from your Soul and experience SCI for yourself.

Royce Morales is founder of Perfect Life Awakening and developed Spiritual Cognition Integration so as to allow her teachings to integrate. Her work assists in discovering key sources of what's affecting you subconsciously so you can shift the negative influence of your past. She gives useful tools to effectively deal with the stress of everyday life, allowing you to grow mindful as you become free and Whole.

Royce is available for private sessions.

To find out more about Perfect Life Awakening, click to take this free introductory e-course:

Go to: to get ready for your Spiritual Cognition Integration session.

Your life may never be the same.

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