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About the Founder

From the age of four, I had an insatiable quest to understand those Big Life Questions. Cliched, superficial answers didn't satisfy.


While getting a dual degree in Fine Art and Special Education, I religion hopped, studied philosophy and Eastern thought, attended scores of personal development trainings and spiritually based courses. 

They all sounded good, offered lofty promises, but the "high" 


lasted about as far as my drive home, leaving me even more frustrated, lost and confused. I needed applicable coping tools to navigate life and ways to delete my negative attitude that was stopping me.

While attending a course to develop channeling abilities, I was approached by a fellow student wanting me to teach her what I knew. Believing I was still just a seeker, I hesitated, but out came words that changed my life forever: "Sure, I'd love to! Bring your friends!"

Three weeks later, she and ten of her friends arrived in my living room, waiting anxiously to hear what I had to say. Stuttering and stammering, I made my way through six weeks of classes, regurgitating lofty spiritual information gathered from my own studies. 

More students arrived by word of mouth.


A year later, one of my students confronted me, saying "All that spiritual stuff is well and good, but how do you get there?" I almost said I'm clueless.  Yet, something inside took over.


Intuitively, I just knew how.

Inviting a student to be my guinea pig, I had her close her eyes as I allowed clear inner directives to lead the way. To the amazement of this student, as well as the others witnessing, this intuitively based method had instant results. She discovered the specific origins of her subconscious, programmed, self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs.

When she opened her tearful eyes, this student proclaimed that everything had shifted; her untrue beliefs had energetically dissolved. 

It was right then, in 1979, that Perfect Life Awakening was officially born.

I began utilizing and fine-tuning this process with all my students. Regularly, they healed their past, awakened their true power and authenticity, and unleashed the depths of their intuitive wisdom. Pain, anger, fear, confusion, frustration and hopelessness would resolve. Stuck patterns released. It's common that they would discover and embrace their formerly illusive life purpose and fearlessly take steps toward successfully manifesting it.

This spiritually based work has been bringing enlightenment down to earth to thousands. There are no pretty-sounding theories, affirmations or spiritual bypass (avoidance) techniques. Rather, higher consciousness concepts integrate and become applicable in day-to-day life. The work allows a permanent connection with your soul which can end the struggle to find joy, a life of meaning, a true sense of deserving and consistent self-love.

There is nothing I'm more passionate about than sharing what I have discovered to help people awaken to who they really are on this evolutionary journey we are all on.    

Trust if this work is speaking to you and enroll in the next Perfect Life Awakening course, Transforming Self Sabotage

       Just Love, 



"Royce, I want to shout to the world how wonderful you are! You open hearts! You open them and plant seeds of YES!!!!  You and your PLA classes gave me the strength to get through one of the hardest years of my life. PLA gave me the strength to allow love into my life, love that sustains. Love that has grown, spreading thick roots and exploding into a mighty tree - hard to topple...with big, full limbs to protect all beneath them. A beautiful, steadfast tree who has learned to bend before she breaks, to drink in the love, and to sometimes simply BE. Thank you, Royce. thank you for offering the golden ring. Thank you for not turning away when I repeatedly bit the hand. Thank you for PLA and the gifts it brings. I LOVE YOU! It's easy!"  - C.M.

"Royce is an authentic of channel of consciousness!"'

- Donna Duffield, Prophet of Love podcast host

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