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Updated: Mar 15

It is three A.M.

I’m wide awakened by the sound of snow falling from the pine trees that surround our mountain home. Snow that was soft and fluffy a few days ago is now frozen into projectiles, crashing indiscriminately on something metal. Our water heater? Not sure.

Even for someone who routinely gets up before five, three is way too early.

Laying in the warm, safe, cocoon of my bed, I feel a kinship with the Ukrainian people. If they are able to sleep at all, they are being awakened by sounds less subtle than snow on metal. The news says they are huddling in subway tunnels, hiding from cruise missiles and mortar fire.

It is surreal knowing the senselessness of what is happening only a few thousand miles from my serene mountain life. Why? Is the question that consumes me and many others.

Struggling to go back to sleep, my brain tumbles with words I know I must write. Not trusting I will remember them, I scribble two pages in the dark. It feels odd using a pen rather than computer keys; I hope to be able to read rusty handwriting and translate it into a blog.

This past week I had worked several hours on a different blog, but everything felt off. My words were stuck like frozen snow. Now I understand why.

I am heartbroken that in 2022 we are once again attempting to solve a problem using violence. Will we ever put an end to this futile, perpetual dance?

As Rodney King said during the 1992 Los Angeles uprising, "Why can’t we just get along?"

My hopeful mind imagines how life would be if we would just recognize our triggers, admit what is being reflected about ourselves and make loving choices. Seems simple enough. But if my students are accurate indicators of willingness to see mirrors, it is a most difficult choice. Until it isn’t.

The sky brightens. I am able to see what I have been scribbling. I am horrified to discover that I have been writing with an inkless pen.

The metaphor is clear: My unreadable words, indentations on a blank page, are like the many lives that will be lost by living in the dark.

I thank the crashing snow for my early-morning wake-up call and for allowing words to return that now fill my computer screen.

I only hope this is the last wake-up call the world needs.

It is possible to choose love over fear. To be the peace. Making a difference starts with you.

For now, the world seems to still need this lesson.


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