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Updated: Mar 15

Do you take things personally? Things that may have nothing to do with you? Do you beat yourself up as the cause of negative events despite no evidence supporting that notion?

When a friend does not invite you to lunch, do you immediately assume you did something to wrong? Or that they don’t think you are fun enough to spend time with?

All of us try to make sense of what happens to us. However, attempting to do so through the lens of fear and false inner beliefs is self-defeating. It leads to frustration, uncertainty and sabotage.

Taking things personally distorts your sense of what is actually happening. You are driven by triggers rather than objectivity and truth. These perceptions are based on the untrue notions you have about yourself. The inner programming convinces you that you are not enough, not worthy of love. Or being invited to lunch.

Believing these triggers adds layers that expand negative feelings about yourself. It limits your behavior, persuades you to give up, avoid or lash out. Your overall struggle in life increases.

Taking things personally may have become automatic. Do you notice yourself doing it? Being self-aware can pinpoint untrue thoughts and locate what they are about so you can choose to not believe them.

It is too easy to accept these thoughts. Why? They mirror the unspoken doubts you have about yourself, the false programmed notions that run your critical internal hard drive.

These are automatic thoughts you have been telling yourself and believing for years and perhaps lifetimes. Things you would never admit to anyone.

So, catch those thoughts. Recognize they are not true.

Go deeper and focus on your instant willingness to accept blame. Part of you believes those reactions. Is there something you feel guilty about? What is being reflected to you about not feeling deserving? Even to be invited to lunch?

Being honest with yourself will help you discover what you are hiding about yourself. You will locate what you are in denial of. You cannot heal what you are ignoring.

Then, confront the situation head-on. Take a deep breath and ask whoever is involved to tell you what is going on. The worst that can happen is they agree with what you have personalized. Chances are they might shake their head and say huh?

Keep in mind that taking things personally is different than receiving intuitive sensing. One is an inner expression of an untrue belief about yourself. The other is recognizing an unspoken truth.

Trust your inner knowing wisdom, not your fears, for an accurate read.


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This definitely pertains to me. I’m going to take a different approach. Thank you!

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