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Updated: Mar 15

​Most of us have forgotten that who we really are are higher consciousness beings, here with a chosen life purpose. In order to remind ourselves, we have to choose to remember. ​Then, remembering becomes our default way of being in the world.

Why do we forget? Because we are caught up in the two unspoken rules of the game of life: Forget we are playing a game; and do not think of it as a game. Just keep playing.

Once we glimpse what we have forgotten, the rules change. The mystery starts to dissolve. We stop playing hide-and-seek and remember our soulful nature.

At some point we also remember that the rules are self-inflicted. The minute we forgot that love is who we are and bought into fear, we judged ourselves and jumped into the game.

Fear is demanding; it seems much easier to let it run the show. It appears harder to be authentic, or to trust the power of being love.

When fear takes over, we start to believe we are unworthy. We stoop to other’s expectations, jump through hoops to earn love, and then not feel worthy of it. We sacrifice our dreams, hide our power to keep the peace, and maintain what looks like security.

Various superficial tactics are attempted to change the game, hoping something external will make life better. ​But nothing really changes.

When we start remembering who we are, connecting to and trusting our soul, the futile chase stops.

Remembering may sneak in subtly, no fireworks or congratulatory fist bumps. We may realize that truth has been hiding the entire time, everything else a figment of our forgetting.

​We remember that the entire concept of proving worthiness is false. We have nothing to prove, nothing to earn, nothing to lose. We deserve love simply because we exist.

​With each remembrance, more of the spell is broken. A deeper awareness of our spirit occurs; we become more in touch with why we chose to be here. Everything we do overflows with purpose; the struggle ceases. We become present, courageous, alive. Dormant powers awaken and open-hearted love navigates our choices.

It takes as long as it takes to wake up from life’s game of amnesia. Twists, turns, surprises and obstacles take time to navigate. We put them there to challenge ourselves to remember this time, so trust where they lead.

Humanity is waking up. We are finding what we have been searching for and becoming the humans we committed to be this time.

The game is over. Time to put it on the shelf where it belongs.


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"Listen Up with Royce Morales!" is Royce's monthly radio program that focuses on listening to your intuition, your spiritual knowingness!

She interviews fascinating people who have listened and trusted their intuition in big ways. Airing the fourth Monday of every month at 9:00 a.m. PST on

Click to listen to a recent interview with Kathy McDaniel where she talks about her personal experience of heaven and hell during a near death experience!

Royce Morales is a renowned spiritual trailblazer who has been teaching her innovative approach to inner transformation for decades. She developed Perfect Life Awakening, an empowering program of spiritually-based tools to discover and resolve roots of self-sabotaging, subconscious programming. This profound work brings enlightenment down to earth, and unlocks the door to your highest potential.

If you are struggling to find joy, meaning and self-love, this inner adventure can shift your consciousness, awaken you to a life of deservingness and connect you with who you really are.

Royce offers in person and remote group classes and private inner journey sessions using her empowering spiritual clearing techniques.

Royce is the author of three fascinating books about her teachings:

“Want: True love, past lives and other complications” explains the eternal connection of soulmates and the lessons that arrives from them.

“Know: A Spiritual Wake-Up Call” details in a step-by-step way, Royce's profound teachings that help you get in touch with who you really are by getting to the root of self-sabotage.

“Back: Rebirth After Stroke” is Royce's personal spiritual journey after her husband's stroke that will help you through any traumatic event.

All Royce's books are available on

Her website is and Twitter is @RoyceMorales.

Her YouTube channel is Royce Morales. Email is

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