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Updated: Mar 16

Unless you’re sitting in full lotus position in a cave somewhere, you probably go through your day occasionally feeling irritated. Okay, maybe more than occasionally.

Even little things drive you nuts, even when you know they’re silly, even when you logically know better.

Bigger things drive you even more nuts, even when you try to be patient, tolerant and loving.

Why is that?

As a warning, you won't like hearing this; no one ever does.

Here goes: You're bothered by and judge the actions and traits of others because they’re showing you a part of your self that you’re in denial of.

In other words, you’re probably doing the same or similar behaviors, but either don’t realize it, do an alternate version, or hide it really, expertly well.

This Spiritual Truth called "mirroring" is always disgustingly accurate. No matter how much you protest that someone couldn’t possibly be mirroring, the louder you get, the more denial you're in. Mirrors don't, can't, lie.

The good news is, recognizing what someone’s mirroring to you is a quick way to be less irritated by that irksome situation. Really.

Here’s an example: You hear a co-worker grumbling about an assignment deadline and you become uber irritated. Angrily, you find yourself judging them as lazy and you’re irritated about it the entire day. You stand by the water cooler complaining to other co-workers about how entitled this lazy person is, and tell your spouse all about it when you get home.

Rather than self-righteously maintaining your attitude toward your co-worker, you have the option of looking for the self-awareness gifts they gave you. By looking a little deeper at the situation, addressing it as a potential mirror, you discover that you judge yourself as being lazy, overcompensating by being a work-a-holic so no one will ever know. This co-worker is mirroring that you turned in an assignment late but lied and got away with it. Your spouse often complains about your entitled attitude to not do your share of housework.

Lots of mirrors for sure!

Nothing is random

On a Higher Consciousness level, we have all chosen to be here to evolve, to become an accepting, loving, aware being. To do so, you need to confront those hidden, suppressed parts of yourself. So, like a magnet, you attract perfect people and situations to help you do that.


By pushing your buttons.

In other words, when someone irritates you in some way, they're shoving denial in your face to help wake you up.

The Mirror Rule of Thumb: If someone pushes your buttons, they are always your mirror. Always.

Mirrors aren’t always an exact reflection

Several years ago I was working with a student who was dating a man who was addicted to drugs. She vehemently complained about him, expressing loudly that his drug use upset her terribly.

When I asked what he might be mirroring, she couldn’t come up with a thing. She whined that he couldn’t possibly be her mirror since, although she used to be, she wasn’t addicted to drugs any longer.

I explained that anyone who’s able to push buttons is always mirroring something.

After much back and forth, she finally confessed that, although she wasn’t presently addicted to drugs, she still had addictive tendencies. For her, it showed up as food addiction. She also admitted that she still craved the high she would get from drugs, and was now achieving it by obsessively exercising. Clearly she wasn’t completely resolved with her now sober life choice.

Just by acknowledging that mirror, her attitude toward her boyfriend immediately shifted. She was able to feel compassion, rather than anger.

Interestingly, once she realized she had subconsciously chosen him to help her with her own denied addictiveness, she was able to lovingly let him go. Lovingly is the key word.

It's not easy

Admittedly, it’s not easy to face mirrors. Especially first thing in the morning, hair disheveled, no makeup, frumpy pajamas.

But there's one guarantee: Once you get the Windex out and clean up your side of the mirror, you’ll feel a lot more compassionate and accepting.

Plus, sometimes, just doing that, allows situations to completely transform.



Ready to dive into your spiritual journey and discover what those mirrors are trying to show you? Royce Morales is a renowned spiritual teacher who has been teaching breakthrough, core, self-discovery work for decades.

Her trailblazing, life-shifting work presents profound spiritual concepts, providing tools to make them applicable in day-to-day life. These powerful teachings get to the root of subconscious, fear-based programming so that fears, stuck issues and repetitive patterns can resolve.

Royce offers continuing group classes, has an e-course and is available for private inner journey sessions using the powerful, clearing technique she developed.

If you’re tired of the struggle, want to connect with who you really are, feel ready to live a meaningful, empowered life, give Royce a call for a free consultation. Deserve!

Royce is the author of three books about her teachings: “Want: True love, past lives and other complications;” “Know: A spiritual wake-up call;” and “Back: Rebirth After Stroke.” Her books inspire evolution, awareness and empowerment. The underlying message is a wake-up call toward authentic "heart-wired" acceptance of self, others and life, all available on Amazon.

For more information, go to, Royce can be reached at or (310) 710-9741.

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