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Updated: Mar 15

The other day I was talking with an extraordinarily wise, very spiritual friend, and the conversation veered to a discussion about spirits. Basically, her words were: “I love the idea that spirits are helping me and all, but I sure don’t want to see them!” I countered with a silly retort: “But spirits are our friends!” Her response: “Yeah, and I sure don’t want to see them!”

Started me thinking about spirituality, how so many don’t understand it, or have odd notions and fears about it.

Why is that, I pondered? We're all spirits, after all.

It boils down to not having had personal spiritual experiences, or at least not thinking we have. So often people chalk them off with a “That was sure weird” interpretation.

Also, many think spirituality refutes their religious beliefs, even though it can add a whole other level to faith. So they veer away.

Add to that a society that values the intellect and focuses on materialism, spirituality is pretty much neglected.

Truth is, having undeniable spiritual experiences, everything in life starts to dramatically shift. Tapping into who you are as a multi-dimensional being, you see things differently and make different, wiser choices. You perceive humans as spirits rather than just physical bodies.

You start to see and understand the Bigger Picture of life, giving attention to your Life Lessons, which allows you to discover what your True Purpose is.

Plus, many find that combining spiritual awareness with their personal development work can deliver lightyears more progress.

Most importantly, opening the door to spirituality allows you to trust that you’re supported and guided, which, by the way, you’ve always been. Even without seeing spirits!

However, like trying to explain color to a blind person, it’s almost impossible to describe a spiritual experience without coming across as cray-cray or out there. Thus, many choose to not share, which perpetuates misunderstanding and further spiritual polarization.

How Can This Spiritual Abyss Connect?

As with everything you don't understand, open dialogue, respectfully and open-mindedly listening to others’ spiritual experiences, is the key.

Plus, try requesting that the Universe deliver undeniable proof. Then recognize and trust whatever experience shows up without discounting it as “That was weird!”

Know that what you experience may not be Hollywood-esque dramatic, but it is real, nonetheless.

Of course, please do share your own spiritual experiences -- you just might free someone else to recognize and trust their own.


Royce Morales, a renowned transformational facilitator, developer and teacher of Perfect Life Awakening, offers unique, breakthrough, spiritually-based tools to discover and resolve the roots of self-sabotaging, negative inner programming. This profound inner work awakens and transforms you by overcoming limiting beliefs, shifting your consciousness and resolving what's keeping you from a life of deservingness and true joy.

Royce offers remote group classes, an e-course and private inner journey sessions using her empowering spiritual clearing techniques.

Contact Royce for a free fifteen minute consultation to see if this inner-journey work is a good fit.

Royce is the author of three fascinating books about her teachings: “Want: True love, past lives and other complications;” “Know: A spiritual wake-up call;” and “Back: Rebirth After Stroke,” all available on

Her website is and Twitter is @RoyceMorales. She can be reached at

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