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Updated: Mar 15

Do you struggle with loneliness, feeling disconnected, separate, alone? Have these last years of seclusion triggered a sense of isolation you cannot seem to shake?

Loneliness is one of the most painful experiences of life. How are you fighting it? Do you surround yourself with people? Or reach out to friends? Get married? Have children? Stay busy? Watch television? Distract yourself in other ways?

No matter how you fight to avoid it, loneliness is something you must confront at some point.

And band-aids do not work for long.

The way you face being alone shapes how you experience it. Rather than judging yourself for feeling lonely, trying ways to remedy it, letting go of the false beliefs you hold can shift it. It can even be empowering.

Society gives a subliminal message that loneliness is something to be ashamed of. If you are alone, it means you must not be a nice person; you fail to connect well with others; you do not put effort into relationships.

Family constructs, romantic love and monogamy are sold as the antidote. You feel pressured to fit in with these models, believing there must be something wrong with you if you don’t.

At the same time, society encourages you to be fully independent, liberated, self-sustained. Quite conflicting double messages.

Loneliness is a triggered response that starts at your very first breath. The traumatic loss of your in-the-womb connection, floating in a protected, peaceful environment, all needs fulfilled, vanished with your mother’s final push. You emerge as an individual, exposed to the ongoing challenge of connecting in order to survive.

No matter how beautiful your birth experience was, this ordeal has a profound subconscious impact.

Your consciousness is programmed to pursue that lost connection in all future relationships. You project that need onto others, hoping they will rescue you from your ongoing sense of isolation.

This instinctive fear of being alone drives you to stay in negative relationships. It promotes the futile illusion that someone, somehow, will care for and protect you.

This desire to recreate the unconditional connection lost at birth runs your life.

Recognizing fear of loneliness for what it is -- having to face the depths of yourself -- helps it lose some power. Loneliness is your opportunity to cultivate a deeper, authentic relationship with yourself. Prioritize connecting with yourself. This will allow connection with others.

Not resisting loneliness can return you to your true, empowered, connected self. Allow yourself to embrace and honor that feeling of loneliness. Feel it deeply. Don’t fight against it or manufacture ways to camouflage it. There is nothing to be ashamed of about feeling lonely.

Reflect on your values, how you are living your life. Does your existence feel purposeful or are you just going through the motions?

Listen to your inner knowingness. Connect with your true self. Your higher consciousness will remind you of who you really are.

Know that alone is an illusion. Your soul knows the truth – you are connected and always have been.


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