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Updated: Mar 15

Recently, a long-time friend asked me what I thought about the times we are living in. Shaking his head, he emphasized that never in a million years would I think that life would be like this.

Without hesitation, I nodded in agreement.

Looking stunned, his reply was: "Aren't you supposed to be helping people be happy?"

Chuckling, I explained briefly that these frightening times are taking us to a place we have been struggling to attain for decades. The planetary quaking, the challenges and upsets happening everywhere, have us anxiously anticipating the next shoe to drop.

But even with shoes dropping, these events are not signs pointing toward something ending. They are the struggle and the purification needed for something new to emerge.

Those attune to spiritual awareness have been speaking about, warning about this time forever. Decades ago, I myself had an unforgettable meditative vision predicting what is now happening.

This intense, seemingly chaotic time is affecting us on a personal, national and planetary level. We are going through a spiritual upheaval with real-time wake-up calls along this transformational journey.

These challenges are happening because we have been ignoring our higher consciousness. That is the part of us that chose to finally commit to a life of true purpose and authenticity. Now this opportunity is being presented to us by shoes hitting us on the head.

These events are shining a light on the truth we have been hiding from, the forgotten lessons we brought with us from spiritual realms. We are being tested, also known as assisted, to learn our most difficult spiritual lesson: Reaching empowered love.

We are at a global crossroads. We can choose a path of personal growth, awakening to our true power. Or we can surrender to fear as we always have... even though it has never worked yet.

Every choice we make, whether big or small, offers opportunities to reach that place of empowered by love.

But what will that look like in the real world?

It will be the lens of how we perceive ourselves and others.

But it will take mindfulness, continually looking within and taking responsibility. Noticing when we are pulled out of acceptance (AKA love), recognizing that fear was triggered. Just FEAR, False Evidence Appearing Real.

It will mean choosing to not buy into fear.

This time is about refining our connection to our higher consciousness, our intuition, our spirit. Taking responsibility for our evolution and the evolution of humanity.

It is up to us to ask for the strength, commitment, trust and willingness to ascend to this new place we are heading.

We will get there by deepening our understanding of who we truly are, mastering our innate skill of choosing love over fear. And realizing we can always make that choice since that is our spiritual identity, our reason for being.

It gets easier when we know our energetic connection with of all beings; when we know we are all the same. Judgmentalness goes away. The need for violence, control and suppression ceases.

We do this by looking at what is being reflected to us, facing our denial as well as our truth.

We are all rising up to get there.

And when we do, no more need for those shoes.


Royce Morales is a renowned spiritual trailblazer who has been teaching her innovative approach to inner transformation for decades. She developed Perfect Life Awakening, a spiritually based program, to take you from triggered to empowered!

Royce hosts "The Perfect Life Awakening Show" on Om Media, first and third Wednesdays of the month at 9:00 a.m. PT.

Perfect Life Awakening provides tools to discover and resolve sources of subconscious, self-sabotaging inner programming. This profound work brings enlightenment down to earth and unlocks the door to your highest potential.

If you are struggling to find joy, meaning and self-love, this inner adventure can shift your consciousness, awaken you to a life of deservingness, and connect you to your authentic self.

Royce offers in person and remote group classes and private inner journey sessions using her empowering spiritual clearing techniques.

Subscribe to Royce's YouTube channel where she shares enlightening information about her empowering, spiritually based teachings!

Royce is the author of three fascinating books about her teachings:

“Want: True love, past lives and other complications” explains the eternal connection of soulmates and the lessons that arrives from them.

“Know: A Spiritual Wake-Up Call” details in a step-by-step way, Royce's profound teachings that help you get in touch with who you really are by getting to the root of self-sabotage. Read more here.

“Back: Rebirth After Stroke” is Royce's personal spiritual journey after her husband's stroke that will help you through any traumatic event.

All Royce's books are available on

Her website is and Twitter is @RoyceMorales.

Her YouTube channel is Royce Morales. Email is

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