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Updated: Mar 15

Everyone has a narcissist in their life, someone who is wreaking havoc, being blamed for mass destruction of all varieties. This label is plastered on anyone who fits standard narcissist characteristics -- inflated self-importance, disregard for others’ feelings, a sense of entitlement, inability to receive criticism, lack of empathy.

No one matters to a narcissist but themselves, so they feel justified in suppressing, controlling and manipulating others. They exploit, bully and abuse without remorse.

At least that is what appears on the surface.

But, if you look under their bravado, they are functioning from overwhelming fear. Convinced their survival depends on not exposing vulnerability, they use extreme camouflage tactics so no sees their trembling underneath.

Their behavior is a powerful trigger for most people, generating fear in us from their façade of power.

But in reality, they are reflecting our subconscious fear of our own power.

They are putting us face-to-face with the part of us that does not believe we deserve to be powerful. They mirror our denied selfishness, even if we project a caring and selfless front. They expose times we had judged any narcissistic quality we saw in our selves, then covering it up with the opposite.

These hidden aspects have us volunteer our power to narcissists. Keeping ourselves down assures that we will not cause any harm.

Why do we believe such things about ourselves?

Back somewhere, in this or in previous lives, we judged our actions as causing pain or loss. Right then we decided we are dangerous and do not deserve to be powerful. From then on, we needed to keep others safe from us.

We locked those memories into our subconscious mind, hoping they would never be remembered or revealed.

Enter the narcissist, an extreme vehicle to support our stifled memories and help bring them to the surface.

On a higher consciousness level, we choose to be here to remember, to clean up what we did to get our power back. We choose people to help awaken us from our amnesia. And, what better form than a narcissist.

Now, it is up to us to not fall prey to victimhood. Rather, to deflate this disempowering dance.

Mindfulness is the starting point. Observe those triggered reactions. Notice dramatic ups and downs, frequent unexplainable illnesses. Recognize difficulties in persevering or committing or an incessant need to please them.

These are all signs of being uncomfortable with our power. They indicate our subconscious need to be stopped, controlled, afraid.

Rather than running, blaming or attempting to get a narcissist to change, everything can shift by remembering and resolving suppressed memories. Clean up where we decided we were dangerous. Take action of some kind to rectify what we did. It is never too late.

By raising our deservingness in that way, we will stop believing our power needs to be thwarted. Then, we can stop needing those narcissistic mirrors.

Our higher consciousness wants us to be empowered. Our soul purpose here is to be authentic, caring, living a meaningful existence.

Be grateful to those narcissists. They are our best gifts of awakening to true, empowered, self- acceptance.


Royce Morales is a renowned spiritual trailblazer who has been teaching her innovative approach to inner transformation for decades. She developed Perfect Life Awakening, a spiritually-based program that takes you from triggered to empowered!

Perfect Life Awakening provides tools to discover and resolve sources of subconscious, self-sabotaging inner programming. This profound work brings enlightenment down to earth, and unlocks the door to your highest potential.

If you are struggling to find joy, meaning and self-love, this inner adventure can shift your consciousness, awaken you to a life of deservingness, and connect you to your authentic self.

Royce offers in person and remote group classes and private inner journey sessions using her empowering spiritual clearing techniques.

Subscribe to Royce's YouTube channel where she shares enlightening information about her empowering, spiritually-based teachings!

Here are some fascinating, informative recent videos:

"Listen Up with Royce Morales!" is Royce's monthly radio program that focuses on listening to your intuition, your spiritual knowingness!

She interviews fascinating people who have listened and trusted their intuition in big ways. Airing the fourth Monday of every month at 9:00 a.m. PST on

Click to listen to a recent interview with Reverend Arlene Hylton where she talks about her 47 day fast as well as how she trusts intuition to lead her life!

Royce is the author of three fascinating books about her teachings:

“Want: True love, past lives and other complications” explains the eternal connection of soulmates and the lessons that arrives from them.

“Know: A Spiritual Wake-Up Call” details in a step-by-step way, Royce's profound teachings that help you get in touch with who you really are by getting to the root of self-sabotage.

“Back: Rebirth After Stroke” is Royce's personal spiritual journey after her husband's stroke that will help you through any traumatic event.

All Royce's books are available on

Her website is and Twitter is @RoyceMorales.

Her YouTube channel is Royce Morales. Email is

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