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It has been a week and a half, yet the conversation about the notorious Oscar’s slap rages on.

What was your first thought when you saw it happen? Mine was wow, Will Smith must be having an inner critic melt down. His apparent need to be the protagonist standing up for his wife’s honor certainly triggered something deeper.

I also sensed he was not actually hitting Chris Rock, but rather himself.

We all have an inner critic commanding us, even the ones appearing most confident. Inner critic is that whiney, doubting voice that pops up when you are about to try something new. Like applying for that dream job; starting a business; going on a first date. Even about to receive an Academy Award.

It is the thoughts running commentary, saying no way, you’re not smart enough; you know you always screw things up; who would want to date you anyway?

All humans are running around faking it, pretending to know, hoping no one discovers those well-hidden self-doubts.

With everything going on in the world, your inner critic might be running amuck. You could be melting down in ways you never have before. Or do surprising, out-of-character things, sabotaging when something positive lands in your lap.

When I started teaching my spiritual development classes, I tried hard to fake self-confidence. But my voice shook so badly I continuously cleared my throat. I dreaded students' questions. If someone asked, I would zone out, not able to focus on their words no less give an answer.

I had years of knowledge to impart, but was convinced no one wanted to hear it. I was shocked if they listened, dumbfounded when they would return the next week for more. If anyone dared express skepticism about my teachings, I would sob after they left.

Here is what I learned about my inner critic: It had power because I believed it.

So, why do we believe those negative, hurtful things it says? Why does an inner critic have so much power to convince, to run our life?

Those false notions come from subconscious programming from the past. It takes some inner digging to find where those lies were bought as truth.

Without a big shovel, there are mindfulness tactics that can help quiet that persistent voice.

Get to know your inner critic. If you are not yet in touch with it, notice your criticism of others. It is the same voice just turned toward those who reflect your hidden false beliefs. And notice your reaction when others criticize you. Mirrors do not lie.

The inner critic is a scared child trying to stop you, thinking it is protecting you, hoping you will obey it. Your job is to hear it, thank it for sharing, but be the wise parent who does not obey childish commands.

Here is the truth: No matter the struggles you have gone through, the fears, concerns and false notions you have, you are already extraordinary. You deserve success, your own version of an Academy Award.

Let that sink in. And believe it, even for a moment.

Why? Because it is true.


Royce Morales is a renowned spiritual trailblazer who has been teaching her innovative approach to inner transformation for decades. She developed Perfect Life Awakening, a spiritually-based program that takes you from triggered to empowered!

Perfect Life Awakening provides tools to discover and resolve sources of subconscious, self-sabotaging inner programming. This profound work brings enlightenment down to earth, and unlocks the door to your highest potential.

If you are struggling to find joy, meaning and self-love, this inner adventure can shift your consciousness, awaken you to a life of deservingness, and connect you to your authentic self.

Royce offers in person and remote group classes and private inner journey sessions using her empowering spiritual clearing techniques.

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