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Royce's Story

As far back as I remember, I’ve been on a personal research quest, pursuing answers to Life’s Big Questions. In the ‘60’s, I participated in a slew of self-development trainings where I did find some answers, but nothing put all the pieces together, significantly changed my life, or brought stable joy.

In 1978, quite inadvertently, several people approached me, requesting that I teach them “what I know.” A few weeks later, they brought their friends and arrived in my living room, eyes gleaming as they gazed at me expectantly. Voice shaking, I started teaching what would later morph into my Perfect Life Awakening course.

Strictly by word-of-mouth, more students arrived, until eventually I opened the PLA Center in Redondo Beach. Working with individuals from all walks of life, PLA has transformed the lives of thousands.

My years of seeking provided the foundation that ultimately catalyzed into my unique teaching direction. Never satisfied with superficial answers or spiritual platitudes, I delved ever deeper. I discovered ways that the mind becomes programmed with “False Core Beliefs” that create self-sabotaging fears, repetitive patterns and negativity. More importantly, I found ways to “un-program” these notions, permanently resolving issues so students can live joy-filled, Purposeful lives.

Although the term “Life Coaching” didn’t exist when I began, PLA is comparable in many ways, containing the same primary intentions. The main difference is PLA Classes involve intensive inner transformational work, along with self-awareness tools to utilize in day-to-day or challenging situations. This work empowers people to trust themselves, take bold actions, live authentically and come from love consistently. Really not needing any external coaching!

Because PLA involves all aspects – mind, body, emotions and spirit – I branded the inner delving part "Spiritual Cognition Integration." Although it incorporates Universal Higher Consciousness concepts, it’s grounded in the Real World, with no religious dogma or rules to follow.

After my husband’s stroke in 2014, I decided to close down the PLA center. I now teach teleconference classes, developed an e-course and am available for individual spiritual work. I published three books about my teachings and am starting the fourth that goes into even deeper levels of my teachings.

Accept the invitation from your Soul and experience PLA and Spiritual Cognition Integration for yourself.

Royce Morales is founder of Perfect Life Awakening and developed Spiritual Cognition Integration so as to allow her teachings to integrate. Her work assists in discovering key sources of what's affecting you subconsciously so you can shift the negative influence of your past. She gives useful tools to effectively deal with the stress of everyday life, allowing you to grow mindful as you become free and Whole.

Royce is available for private sessions, group classes and has an e-course.

To find out more about Perfect Life Awakening, click to take this free introductory e-course:

Go to: to get ready for your Spiritual Cognition Integration session.

Your life may never be the same.

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