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The "Challenges of Life" Courses

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Delve into those Big Life Challenges using a spiritual, Perfect Life Awakening perspective. Learn ways to understand why certain things happen and resolve what's being triggered so you can deal in positive, empowered, conscious ways. 


These six week courses will inspire mindful shifting!  New courses offered frequently.

Course Offerings

Revive Your Life!

Shifts happen. Change is scary even if it's positive. Face those changes, both large or small, from an empowered place so they are an adventure rather than a fearful struggle. Discover what is stopping you subconsciously so you can take inspired action!


Narcissists come in all forms. Understanding how they function and being aware of how you react to them makes a big difference in feeling either victimized or empowered!

Soulmates and Other Complications

This course allows you to understand what soul relationships are really about and what to do when they show up.  Learn how soulmate connections offer profound ways to learn about yourself!


The act of caring for another person can be trying or inspiring. Learn ways to care from the heart rather than from fear.

Unblocking Creativity

We all have untapped creativity. Discover and fearlessly unleash your inner artist in whatever medium you work in (or want to work in!).

Manifesting Your Desires

So many metaphysically-based courses claim you can manifest anything you desire using various attraction techniques. How does that work and why does it usually not work? Learn how to raise your "deservingness level" so manifestation becomes effortless.


All humans have a tendency toward needing external things to fulfill us, make us feel safe, loved, happy. Addictions, whether to substances, feelings, approval, or anything else, are often in charge of your life in big or subtle ways. This course gets to the root of addictions so they stop having control of your life. 

Taking Transformative Action

There is transformational shifting going on worldwide. This course is about taking inspired, conscious action to help yourself and others evolve from fear to love.

Conscious Parenting 

Being a mindful, higher consciousness parent is one of life's biggest challenges. Those children you feel more love for than anything else often trigger profound fears as they expertly push your buttons. Discover ways to parent from trusting yourself and your children, seeing them as your best, wisest teachers!

Finding Your Soul's Purpose

Everyone is here to contribute their unique gifts to the world. This course will help you discover your higher purpose and inspire you to take fearless action with your discovery!

Awakening Intuition

Discovering and trusting your intuitive abilities is the final frontier of human consciousness. This course will help awaken your wise, accurate inner knowingness and listen with trust as to what it tells you.

Money and Love

Having a positive, trusting, conscious relationship with money can shift your life.  This course delves to the roots of why you may feel undeserving of abundance, resolving fears and blocks getting in the way of manifesting money.

All courses are six weeks and
held live virtually in small groups.

What one of Royce's students says: 


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