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Perfect Life Awakening is not your typical inner work program.


It's not like other personal-development trainings that leave you feeling good for a minute until real life kicks in.


It's spiritually based, but you'll never hear lofty-sounding cliches you can't apply or learn spiritual bypass techniques that push everything under the rug.

Perfect Life Awakening is an experiential dive to your core to discover what's stopping you. You'll get a big shovel to dig up and resolve the unseen roots of what's preventing you from living a deserving life; powerful inner tools to release who you aren't so you awaken who you are.

PLA grapples with those Big Questions -- the mysteries of existence, why you're here, remembering your soul's true purpose. All while you shift to a higher, more authentic place, freed from subconscious self-sabotage.

Perfect Life Awakening empowers you to be the change -- from fear to love. 


PLA takes the WOO out of woo-woo!


"A spiritual teacher of Royce’s depth and heart is extremely rare — her trailblazing information comes from not only teaching and learning, but from years of seeing what works and what doesn’t.   With clarity, humor and candor, Royce shares the principles of life, how to transform areas that are stuck and disempowered, the goal being freedom from whatever is holding you back.”   – W. Taylor

Transform from triggered to empowered !

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