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Perfect Life Awakening

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Your Life-Shifting Journey

Perfect Life Awakening is a profound, empowering, spiritually based inner journey that opens doors to discover, unravel and neutralize the true origins of hidden obstacles sabotaging and controlling your life. 

PLA assists in getting to the roots of stress, anxiety, triggered painful memories, negative, repetitious patterns and self-doubt. It transforms subconscious fears and false programmed beliefs from this as well as previous lives without the use of hypnosis, NLP or Tapping.

The PLA Method cultivates an experiential awareness of who you really are by removing blocks getting in the way. This allows your goals and dreams to be magnetized effortlessly, since nothing is stopping you from living the life you deserve.

PLA is appropriate for those who are spiritually curious as well as those who have already delved in. It's for anyone feeling frustrated with superficial answers, temporary results and spiritual cliches. 

And, since this work is a commitment to dig for hidden roots, it may bring up fear and maybe even some uncomfortableness. Honestly, that just means it's working. The breakthroughs are well worth it. 

​The PLA courses are done remotely, in small groups, with full individual support. They immerse you in useful, applicable information and provide inner tools that can instantly shift the way you perceive yourself, others and life.

PLA cultivates an experiential state of self-acceptance, a full expression of the infinite potential of your awakened higher consciousness. By releasing anything in the way, doors open to a life of inspiration, and intuitive, wise, spiritual awareness.

Minus the 'woo-woo' and spiritual bypass techniques found in most programs, this time-tested exploration helps un-stick stuck areas of life -- relationships, career, addictiveness, communication, guilt, sadness, self-confidence and so much more. 

This inner adventure was created by Royce Morales, a four-decade long authority on getting to the roots of what's stopping you.

Release who you aren't so you can manifest your authentic, deserving and evolved self.

Re-create your life with Perfect Life Awakening!


"A spiritual teacher of Royce’s depth and heart is extremely rare — her trailblazing information comes from not only teaching and learning, but from years of seeing what works and what doesn’t.   With clarity, humor and candor, Royce shares the principles of life, how to transform areas that are stuck and disempowered, the goal being freedom from whatever is holding you back.”   – W. Taylor, Author

"Royce's information is so valuable it is worth the whole of humanity to deserve to learn it.  She is a guru, a healing master. It is all in her. "

- Jacqui Stratton, M. Ed, Elementary School Educator 

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